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Published on April 13th, 2021 | by Bibhuranjan


Don’t Buy Facebook Like Until You Read This

People can leave a like on your posts when you post them on Facebook. Having your posts flooded with likes is essential since that’s how you draw the attention of prospects and the Facebook algorithm. Facebook likes are almost worth their weight in gold in recent times. It is a unique way to boost your popularity, expand your business, and build brand awareness among your target audience. So Facebook users keep searching for the best sites to buy Facebook likes to grow their account fast.

Getting real fans that are willing to interact with your updates organically takes time and effort and can be frustrating, especially if it’s not yielding the anticipated results. There are lots to handle, from posting, replying to regular upkeep.

But should you now buy Facebook likes? Whether you want to outsmart your competitors or simply want to try and get your business starting, it can entice you to buy Facebook likes. Buying Facebook likes seems to be the new trend in today’s marketing world, as it helps to build relationships with customers quickly.

When you buy Facebook likes, you can be sure that your number of fans goes up, but that’s about it. The thing with buying Facebook likes is that it will not help you build a successful fan page if it’s not from real people. Even worse, you will probably turn out to be in more trouble than you were before since you are killing your Edgerank score.

Facebook uses your Edgerank score to determine if your fan page is good enough to show to other Facebook users. When you buy real Facebook likes, your Edgerank score will go higher, and more people will be able to see your updates in their newsfeed.

If only a small proportion of your fans interact with your page, your Edgerank score will drop. This will make Facebook think that your page is not sharing content that is good enough for people to read it. Consequently, your posts will only be seen on a few newsfeeds – which will make the number of Facebook likes ineffective.

Think of real Facebook likes from real fans as the first step in a valuable sales funnel. Many firms claim to sell real likes for Facebook. If they are not real Facebook likes and, of course, targeted, buying Facebook likes will only add numbers to your page. You will end up with a disengaged, unqualified audience or even fake likes from fake accounts.

I’m talking about fake accounts and robots that are used to simply like fan pages. Most of these purchased Facebook likes are not even from real people. Other than the generated likes to your page, no one will see your updates. Your updates will be marked as spam the moment they appear. In the end, it would just be a waste of money. The worse is that it can ultimately lead to the closure of your page or entire account. It would be best to avoid such fake Facebook likes or Facebook fans as they will lower your Edgerank score and simply kill your page.

Don’t just go for the numbers because that will kill your page and let all your efforts go to waste. It will help if you focus on buying real likes for Facebook – real people who will interact. If you buy real Facebook likes from real profiles, getting popularity and giving your business a head start becomes more comfortable. It has many pros for firms and individuals.


With many likes under your Facebook posts, you can promote your content better regardless. Likes will attract users’ attention, which is why it can be reasonable to buy Facebook likes.

Where to buy Facebook Likes?

When you want to buy real likes for Facebook, the most important thing is that the source should be reliable, the price should be within budget and cost-effective, the likes should be genuine, and that the number of likes should be worth it.

Of course, it can be challenging to find all of these criteria at a single firm. But with an extensive internet search, website evaluations, and reading reviews about Facebook likes providers out there, and you can surely get all of these qualities; more importantly, you will get the most genuine likes. Just type “buy Facebook likes” or “buy real likes for Facebook” in the Google search box, and you will find sites promising to “boost your Facebook likes”.

No one likes to have Facebook likes that won’t stay for even an hour, or that won’t even give you the likes you purchased. If you are paying for something, then you should get genuine results from it.

The cost of Buying Facebook Likes

To buy Facebook likes, it is imperative to know how much it costs. There is no specific rate for buying Facebook Likes as it can be as cheap as a penny per like. I will say the cost depends solely on the number of likes you want to have – they are directly proportional to each other. You would need to pay according to the number of Facebook likes that you need. Many firms offer different plans according to the amount you are willing to spend on the specified amount of likes. You just need to choose the plan that suits your needs.

Can your account be banned if you buy Facebook likes?

It’s possible. If a large part of the Facebook likes you buy are fake, you will lose them if they are flagged and their accounts banned. Your account, too, may be flagged and banned if it’s happening regularly. It’s, however, suggested that your Facebook interactions are genuine.

Final thought

Buying Facebook likes is good. It saves time and effort, and you may begin to see amazing results in no time. If it is done wrongly, buying Facebook likes can get your account banned. So the most important thing when you want to buy Facebook likes is to verify the source of the likes and the authenticity of the provider, and ensure they are reliable.

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