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Euro 2020: What New Tech Will be Introduced?

Euro 2020 might be the most anticipated football tournament in history. After the postponement last year, fans are more eager than ever. The event will be hosted by 12 cities across Europe for the first time, which adds to the excitement.

The tournament will also introduce new technologies to add to the experience. What is this new tech?

VAR Technology

VAR, or Virtual Assistant Referee, is new sports technology intended to help referees make decisions when there’s doubt about a call. Slowly, organizations have introduced VAR into football, with FIFA installing it in 2018. Now, officials have announced that they will use it in the Euro 2020 football competition.

However, they won’t use it for the whole tournament. The tech will show up in the finals. This delay will give referees time to receive training on the system and adapt to it.

How Does VAR Work?

During a game, assistant referees, who aren’t at the stadium, will watch instant replays and communicate advice on any incidents by a headset. VAR helps with goals, penalties, red cards, and mistaken identity.

The goal of having VAR is to correct any mistakes. Many people have praised the technology, but even more have raised concerns. Several instances have caused fans to question VAR’s accuracy.

For example, officials reversed a goal in the FA Cup quarter-final for unknown reasons. However, keep in mind that the referee still makes the final decision. Whether the mistakes fans have seen are due to error with the system or error with the officials using it is unknown.

Others worry it threatens the thrill of the game. When referees backtrack decisions and make retroactive penalties, some of the magic is lost.

New Digital Services

Euro 2020 will also implement a new app that gives digital tickets. Fans with these tickets have access to other amenities designed to help them organize their trip and sample what the host city offers. The app also provides complimentary public transport on match days.


Is Free Public Transport a Good Thing?

People are excited to travel at no cost on game day. Who doesn’t love services that are on the house? When you’re already spending money to get to the host city, watch the game, and enjoy yourself while you’re there, not paying for transport is a blessing.

If the service goes well, we could see some host cities considering offering this service more regularly, or even all the time. Is it a good idea overall?

Recently, Luxemburg became the first country to make public transport free. Some foreseen benefits of this decision include increasing elderly activity and allowing citizens with lower income to travel more easily.

However, there are some downsides too. For example, as more people flock to buses, overcrowding could be a problem.

Other Apps

This app won’t be the only one fans take advantage of during the tournament. Many others offer resources related to the Euro 2020 tournament. Some applications allow you to follow games and bet on the tournament winner.


Euro 2020 will introduce new technologies. Virtual Assistant Referees could help ensure accurate calls in the finals. The tournament’s new app will create a unique fan experience.

The implications of this tech on the future of football remain unknown. There’s no doubt they add to the already heightened anticipation for Euro 2020. So get ready for the best tournament to date!

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