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Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges In 2021

Cryptocurrency exchanges as an idea are quite self-explanatory. They are platforms for the exchange of cryptocurrency, as it says on the lid. However, it is most essential to innovate when the base concept is simple. If the concept is complex, to begin with, then merely proper implementation is enough to weed out the casuals from the real deal. However, when any concept is as basic and simple as this, we need to thoroughly examine and see what makes each option tick. So, I’ve compiled this list of what are – in my opinion – some of the best cryptocurrency exchanges like bitcoin prime, in no particular order. Before we start however, one simple disclaimer; this is not financial advice, just my opinion based on facts and research.


One somewhat surprising fact that may surprise some inexperienced people is that the majority of exchanges, for some reason or the other, do not natively support credit cards. Well, CEX.IO very much does. It also has some basic margin trading possibilities available and is generally well-rounded with quite few altcoins (although not as many as KuCoin, which didn’t make the list for other reasons). The biggest factor holding CEX.IO back in my eyes is the high fees, as it bites quite an unignorable chunk out of profits, especially if your trades are in heavy sums. Otherwise, CEX.IO is highly specialized in professional exchanges that require multiple teams to handle different aspects of cryptocurrency trading.


If you’ve ever traded crypto, you know of Coinbase. It’s practically the most popular cryptocurrency exchange, at least in the United States. And that’s for good reason. Coinbase has been around for really, really long. Longer than most popular cryptocurrencies currently on the market, including Ethereum. Launched back in 2012, Coinbase is probably an all-rounder service on this list. Great for easy exchange, Coinbase almost functions like regular cash transfer apps. One thing which I really appreciate is the simplified UI and navigation, which adds tons of conveniences for beginners. There is also Coinbase Pro, which slashes fees for both sides, as well as adds few exciting perks to make life easier.


As much as I’m not fond of this name, leaving Binance off this list would render it an incomplete one. Binance is an equally excellent cryptocurrency exchange, and it has support for dozens of altcoins. In fact, Binance is my personal favorite when it comes to trading altcoins. It has average fees, somewhat on the lower side, and they scale down with an increase in volumes of the exchange. While it’s younger than Coinbase, it’s already well on its way to becoming an industry standard. The only problem with Binance (apart from the name) is that it leans more towards an advanced user side, and it might take some time and effort, while it also lacks support for strict regulation in some select US regions. To get detailed information check out this Binance review.


This one is my personal favorite! Kraken is an incredibly analytical cryptocurrency exchange and has been around longer than Coinbase. One thing that makes it appealing to investors and traders is that it has relatively low exchange fees, and few statistics are pretty advanced. However, it has got great user ratings, despite being complex for beginners.

And with that, we would conclude our rundown for the best crypto exchanges. If you found this article informative, be sure checking out our other writings, like one on Most Successful ICOs Of All Time. Catch you in the next one. Peace!

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