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5 Reasons Instagram Is the Best Platform to Grow Your Business

Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform overtaking giants like Facebook and Twitter in popularity. People in the business sector call it the new wave as it has made them famous and wealthy. Those who saw the opportunity early and are now smiling all the way to the bank. The numbers are truly astonishing with over 800 million active users and 500 million logging in daily. You too should have joined Instagram like yesterday, if you are not in it, more so if you run a business. So what makes Instagram appealing to business owners?

1. Hashtags Push Your Business Out To the World

The use of hashtags can be revolutionary to a business owner since they summarize your content. The popularity of the hashtag will lead to traffic to your account where customers will engage with you. Good use of hashtags can push your business to greater heights, it may not end up like Adidas, but it will get somewhat close. Having influencers can be fundamental in getting your brand out into the world. Use of celebrities to market products is a growing trend as people respond better to a person they know. They usually spread hashtags to many users. In addition to, you can get experts view at

2. Close Supervision to Competitors

Your business can keep a close eye on your competitors. Nowadays, many companies are producing similar products. Thus, one must become creative to get ahead of the competition. It is essential to study the relations of these companies to their followers to determine the current trends and know what customers like. A business owner can analyze a competitor’s patterns and strategize carefully on how to better them. However, this needs to be done stealthily since it can escalate quickly upon realization.

3. Instagram Keeps Brands Alive

Nowadays business owners have become smart in keeping their brands fresh in the minds of followers through a simple way, holding contests. This method is ‘golden’ if done right, and this is usually successful when the audience is known and relevant to the post targeting them. Users are also encouraged to post regularly in order to keep followers intrigued and avoid being un-followed.

This consistency is advisable mostly to business owners who showcase their products timely. By initiating contests, brands can keep followers active and participatory in their daily activities. Some brands even go ahead by giving gifts and prizes to participants. An example is a beauty shop deciding to provide a contest participant with a free makeover treat. These contests make followers interested in your business, wanting to know more and spread information to other platforms thus increasing followers to your account.

4. Pictures Tell Stories

It sounds basic; nonetheless, sharing photos in your account is a way of marketing your products. However, they have to be of relevance. A well taken picture speaks volumes to followers who view products. They may end up taking a dig into their wallets. Most followers like seeing pictures and when they see what they like, it improves the probability of them purchasing your products. Well photographed products end up in ads aired by major media televisions.

As a result, your brand gets recognition. People also get to know what you are about. This awareness will, in turn, drive traffic to your account and even get more followers. Creativity is vital because followers always want to be entertained. Witty pictures like memes get people interested and cause demand if there are products to be sold. Photos also give one a cutting edge as the best ones get to have many likes and could be a blessing in disguise as ad campaigns revolve around them.

5. Increase in Sales

Business owners get wealthy by the shear activities in their Instagram account, a smart marketer will know their audience and as a result, get a way of getting cash from them by posting products. They can use the Instagram platform to inform followers about new products entering the market. By labeling prices on the products, this will ease up with the many questions and will avoid confusion. The feature on Instagram where one can decide to go live is also pivotal in introducing a product, as this will offer a glimpse of information about the product causing demand.

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