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How Set Schedule Generates Leads

Lead generation is important in any sales-based industry, and real estate is no different. Agents have to connect with home sellers in order to have homes to show to potential buyers. There are various ways to generate leads, such as networking, or advertising broadly. But a new way to find leads is to turn to an AI-enabled solution such as Set Schedule.

Artificial Intelligence Understands the Market

In order to analyze the local real estate market, an agent would normally have to come through various databases, looking for demographic information, home sale records, current market conditions, and more. It’s a very time-consuming process and not something that most people enjoy (and if they do enjoy it, they probably went into a data analysis career, not real estate).

With Set Schedule, a powerful artificial intelligence algorithm reviews all the data for you, doing quick calculations to determine which homes in your territory are most likely to go on the market soon, and what their potential value can be. This allows you to contact homeowners who are in the process of deciding to sell, before they’ve chosen an agent and put their home on the market.

Set Schedule is a Tireless Member of Your Team

Using Set Schedule’s lead generation service is like having an extra member of your real estate team who just reviews the market and crunches data, 24/7. Although, Set Schedule does more than just generate leads — you can also use their dashboard to manage your schedule, track your leads, record leads you found on your own through traditional means, coordinate with your team, and more. So really, it’s like having a personal assistant who is also amazing at discovering which houses will go on the market next.

Going forward, we can expect to see this sort of artificial intelligence integration with a lot of industries. As machine learning gets more and more sophisticated, programs and devices will be able to take on some of the jobs of human employees, or make their work more streamlined and efficient.

Is Automation Good for Business?

There are valid concerns about the rise of automation and what it will mean for certain industries and professions. Some jobs are more easily outsourced to machines than others. Real estate is still a profession that requires a human touch — currently, artificial intelligence is still just that, intelligence. It doesn’t have the same emotional connection that a human agent has, or the imagination to help a buyer see the potential in a home. Currently, solutions like Set Schedule are a boon for real estate agencies. They’re not replacing humans, they’re augmenting them. The computer finds the leads, and the human agents take action.

The future of real estate is here. From virtual tours to AI-enabled lead generation, the industry is changing. Technology is bringing new capabilities into play, giving buyers and sellers more options than ever before. Smart agencies are embracing technology and all the ways that it can improve their business and help them reach more people than before.

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