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Published on September 21st, 2018 | by Guest


Pay Per Click Or Cost Per Acquisition Which Can Deliver More Quality Leads?

The ad market is quite a wide market which has a lot of variables in it which are the factors that determine how far you can achieve. The best kind of ads is those that generate more leads. Leads are simply the introduction of consumer interest into your business. Ads generally create impressions very fast; however it takes an extra step of the click to know how effective the ad is.

Cost per acquisition is actually a wider field than pay per click. Cost per acquisition is actually also known as cost per action. This means that you get paid on every action that comes up from the ads. This is inclusive of the sales, clicks and form submission. Cost per acquisition has been found more effective as it has the additional push of getting registration forms and sales. It covers a wider scope as the ad company will want to earn more and this will be achieved by getting more action to be done on their site.


Ads are very effective when it comes to impression but that does not stop there when it comes to cost per acquisition. Impressions are however not what will get your sales, clicks are the real measure of the effect of your sales. Despite the fact that pay per click system will get that done for you, cost per acquisition does much more than just that, it makes sure that there is the extra mile of signing up.

Pay per click is, however, no as “useless” as you may think. It is actually a system that maximizes clicks and impressions. Traffic is one of the most important tools in the ad world and maximizing on it will guarantee a higher impression and the higher the clicks. Smarter Solo Ads does just that.

For an ideal business situation, it is advisable to use cost per acquisition. This means that you will have not only invested well but will also be sure that you have maximized on your resources. I like thinking of cost per action as stretching the ad to its full capability. Maximization is achieved on this. However, they are quite interconnected since cost per action will emanate from clicks.

Being strategic is actually that will help you sell. By strategic I mean having the right keywords and also having very good traffic at your posting. Understand your keywords and have the best out of your search engines. Have a keyword that will relate to those that cause traffic. This means that you will take advantage of SEO and also make business flow.

Cost per acquisition uses affiliate marketing software which is an edge over pay per click. This means that they make your advert as interesting as possible to get the more leads. Generally, cost per action or acquisition is the most economical way to take care of your ads.

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