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Importance of Logo for Brands

The logo is the signature of your company, it’s something that visually reflects the personality of your brand and makes your audience to identify. As we know, the market is very competitive and just those who are doing great makes the business or product stand out and convey professionalism and credibility.

More or less half of the companies often fail in their first year on the market. Commonly cited by marketing experts, one of these failures is the lack of professionalism in brand awareness. As the initial cash flow is generally little, many small businesses postpone the creation of a logo and professional marketing materials. But they ignore the possibility that some potential customers will make the first contact through a visual material e.g. business card. Imagine delivering this to a potential future client, a business card with no logo, no identity, nothing that truly reflects your brand? It’s like ripping a piece of paper and writing down the phone number.

Here are the few reasons which explain what might happen if your brand does not have a logo:

  • Your company will appear unstable: If you get a company with a particular brand creation and changes a few months later for a new logo totally different and then maybe a year later repeats the same practice it will definitely create confusion for customers. Your brand will face the questions like: – It’s the same deal? – Does the store change the owners?
  • Your business looks amateur: Using materials that are not professionally designed makes your business look so amateur, indicating that you cannot perform or comply with the required standards or that does not invest in your own business, causing suspicion.
  • Credibility: If not professional “look and feel”, it may seem that your business does not matter to you. Customers will have the impression that you do not care about how your business is presented, indicating that there is concern about the quality of their work or the way this is reflected on their business.
  • Identity: Disconnected marketing materials can convey a mixed message about your business. If you have a card with a layout and a website with another, this can cause an identity crisis for your business. Many different designs can lead potential customers to think they are looking at two different companies. It is best to put it all together from the beginning. Create a unique identity and work setting mark, keeping this identity in all marketing materials and communication aspects.

The logo is the signature of a company, product or service. It is worth remembering here that sites, blogs and the like that are dedicated to disseminating information are service providers and fit perfectly in the concepts we have discussed above. Increasingly many websites and blogs have left aside the amateurism to be treated as a business.

A logo is the visual translation of the brand personality. A good logo created by communicates the most important qualities of a company and immediately establishes the recognition of same by the public. In a competitive market, the presence of a well made logo makes a company or product stand out among its competitors, transmitting professionalism and reliability.


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