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Social Networks – You, Privacy and Potential

In today’s world of dominance of Internet and powerful hand-held devices with multiple Internet Applications and connectivity features, social media and related networks are playing a big role in our lives. Privacy is a universal human right. That being so, everyone of us are giving away more of our personal life without a warrant to big user subjugating technology firms. These big tech firms might be exploiting and processing our personal data for their personal gains sometimes without our knowledge or proper education of the process. This has created a need for private social networks where your personal life and media is regulated in a more private way unlike with regular public social media networks where registration is open or free for all.

Segregation is not the sole reason for existence of private social networks. It would be unfair to judge a private social network as it is just a genre like in any other work. For instance some social network can be Adult only. How do you fit that community or group in a generic or general public social network? It is not tenable to put them all on a single network. It is certainly a juggernaut to handle. A melange of groups and cultures together might not make a beautiful community after all. We do not live in a Utopia.

A private social network is off the grid yet connected in so many ways to things that you care about or like. In the end of the day it is about you socializing with community of people or groups who you get along with and like. It is not necessarily about discussions, arguments and debates. It can be a part and parcel of social network though. Private social network also gives publisher and its users an opportunity to create space for content that is exclusive to a set of users who paid for it for example. Special access for membership fees is nothing new in realm of social networking.

Social network can be fun part of the Internet, a private space where you can submit posts, threads, likes, profiles, etc. Likewise, you can scroll, read, comment other content published by your friends, work mates and family. One must not take social network as a place where you post a carefully designed profile of yours that is not you any more. Neither it is a race to make more friends in order to populate your friends list. You have to come to terms that this network of friends, family, acquaintances, and coworkers is interpersonal even if accessed over Internet using a cloud or online service. It is not some magical formula to find new people to be friends with instantaneously. Posting a unreal or fabricated profile for yours on social network to look perfect, awesome or to hide who you are in real life owing to peer pressure or others on your network is dishonest. Socializing without honesty cannot be good in long run. There is one other side to it too. Owing to reasons like shame, religion, preference or privacy, they may not be themselves on a social network. Private social networks can come to rescue. It can offer them a safe heaven and let them be the real themselves. To be a part of warm, honest, diverse and funny community.

Social network when done right honestly can be help you and offer you a way to communicate with friends, family and with other people which are interested in your work or are simply intrigued by content posted. In current times, where work from home stress and loneliness is a serious condition that people are struggling to cope up with. Social network can not only play a big role in communication but also act as a virtual bridge in finding someone to share your thoughts, feelings with. Letting it all out can always help in hard times. Social network and related media is important tool in curbing distances and related issues. It is a must needed tool specially in times like today where going out and meeting people is not everyone’s best interest. Many people are required to self-isolate in unfortunate time we live in, social network is the only way for your loved ones and friends to know about you current health status as it is never practical for all to call when you need rest. It offers an amazing platform. The amount of help social networks has offered to many individuals cannot be measured. Albeit, it is important to note that local communities and a private social network for local area always work as a better network in such times as help can reach you faster and better.

Collaboration at workplace has created a need for special private social networks to achieve a common goal. These networks are getting quite popular among big and small businesses across the globe. These networks uproot old school style of work and creates ample room for conversations between work mates irrespective of their pay grades. It can help connect the missing dots in a project as well as release tension with fun and games during off-topic conversations among various teams or colleagues. These threads of conversations paves way to a more open and transparent work environment. It has gotten vital for successful collaboration and to promote a healthy, productive vibe at any work place today.

Another popular feature of social networks has been feedback, outreach and even support for a product. Majority of the planet with access to Internet is on social networks, so is most companies you buy your products from. Any modern company is not missing out on the convenience of reaching out and hearing from their customers, clients from popular social networks. Many micro-level companies use these platforms as their sole mode of communication and some prefer to operate fully on it. In current times, when it is advised not to be out unless absolutely necessary to maintain social distancing, social networks are playing a greater role is delivering news and grievance redressal. If not the only tool, it is become an important part that is absolutely required to most businesses.

Always remember, it is best to be honest to yourself and people around you. Sure, you are going to discover new people who like you or your content, but the basic rules of life never changes on social networks. A public social network cannot always fit into the socializing needs of all. For a plethora of reasons discussed above, if you have to opt for a private social network of whatever kind or type that you prefer. Go for it without a doubt. After all, who you socialize with or be friends with is an interpersonal and private affair.

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