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Easiest Security Gadgets and Installations for the Home

Innovations these days are no longer news around the world due to how rampant they’ve become. Technology is making the world easier by the day with so many gadgets across different brands and operating systems serving different purposes from security, assistance, shopping, itinerary planning, and the list is almost inexhaustible.

Let’s not even talk about robots and artificial intelligence, they’re entirely different dimensions on how technology makes life easier. With smart technologies, you can virtually become the security guard of your home and monitor any living thing from the comfort of your home, office, or wherever you are around the globe.

Ever since the advent of CCTV to the tech mainstream market, several other innovations sharing the same functions have sprung up around the tech market.

Some come packed with even smarter features surpassing that of the CCTV where you can even maintain surveillance in your home from wherever you are. Some come with burglar sensors to alert when you when someone is intruding on your private property.

Some of these security gadgets and software are very easy to use. Also, there are some which offer medical security, you can read up medical gadgets review to learn more.

However, for this article, we will focus more on gadgets that provide security from intruders. They don’t require you to be all tech savvy to operate, so long as you can read and understand, you are good already.

Here Are 10 Easy Security Gadgets You Can Use For the Safety of the Whole Family

  • Foscam FI9900P

This outdoor camera provides crisp, clear visuals of your outdoor in high-definition. It has a wireless IP connection and an in-built web server that you can use to stream or obtain live video feed from wherever you are.

It also lets you monitor activities around the environment of your home. Since you can’t possibly be going out with your computer, your smartphone can be of tremendous help so long as it has an internet connection. With a hand-held device like your phone, you detect who’s trying to snoop around your house and call for assistance right away.

  • Ring Video Door Bell Pro

You don’t have to go look out for who’s knocking on your door and possibly end up with a gun pointed at your head ordering you back in to go get some bucks or whatever valuable(s) the criminal decides to part with.

With the ring video doorbell, you can see who’s knocking and then decide whether you wish to grant the person entrance or not. The interesting part is that the ring video doorbell pro is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

This makes it easier for you to see who it is no matter where you are from within or even outside your home. You need an internet connection, and the app specifically demands a Wi-Fi service to provide you with visuals on your door.

  • August Smart Lock 1

With your smartphone, you can easily lock your door using the August Smart Lock. So, instead of having keys dangling in your hands all the time, your phone can serve as your house key.

This feature makes it almost impossible for anyone to access your home by stealing and duplicating your keys because you won’t even have them in the first place.

Locking and unlocking your door with your phones and without keys is great for security. You can create virtual keys for your family members too.

  • 4. Riley Wi-Fi Home Monitoring Robot

CCTVs are usually stationed at the rooftop or any elevated angle around your home. They don’t move around the house, so they are like your gatekeepers which is fantastic. They mostly sense outside activity and tilt their lenses to such as a signal to you that someone’s around.

With the Riley Robot, you’ve got eyes all over your home. It roams about the entire the confines of your home scanning and alerting you of anything it finds. It can handle different surfaces. From carpets to tiles and even your lawn.

While you are away, there’s a tiny security guard that is less conspicuous, monitoring your indoors and making sure unauthorized guests are reported.

  • 5. Samsung SHS – 2920 Digital Key Lock

You can unlock your door the same way you unlock your phones with pins and password. The Samsung SHS lock affords you this opportunity. It is attached to your door just a little above the knob or beneath it, and it’s the touchscreen style.

This means that only you and the people you choose to disclose your password or pin to can have access to your home. The lock employs circuit technology just to ensure when things go wrong, you can withstand high voltage electric shock. This case is highly unlikely though.

  • 6. Mat-On-Guard Pressure Door Mat

These mats can be placed on all the entrances to your house, and when someone steps on it, pressure is applied. This intrusion causes the mat to send a wireless signal to a chime unit.

This way you don’t need to keep an eye on your cameras for visitors when they show up, you’ll certainly know when they do, and even when you forget to lock your door, you won’t be ignorant of anyone trying to get in. A technology that helps you even when you go careless or keep forgetting isn’t that amazing?

  • 7. Barking Dog Alarm

This barking dog alarm can make your unwanted guest think a bulldog is barking somewhere and preparing to charge at him or her. Once it is triggered by burglars, the invisible dog starts barking, and intruders are more than likely to feel trepidation.

The alarm is active even through walls. These dog barking alarms are quite exceptional as they save the day for many homes in times of security challenges.


With everything technological advancements has to offer, security is arguably the most pivotal because we all need to be safe to use other offerings of science and technology.

It’s important we grab this security gains and stay safe. Most times we wait for trouble to rear up before applying security measures, that’s more expensive, and it’s better to live ready. The outlined gadgets and many others you can explore can always help keep you safe at least before the police show up.

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