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5 Ways To Keep Your Laptop In Great Shape

We live in a world where technology is rapidly changing, improving, and influencing the way we live our lives. With an increase in technological devices and gadgets, almost anything is possible with just the touch of a button. Technology has been simplifying our lives, making us rely more on it. One device that most everybody owns is a laptop or personal computer after checking out laptop reviews and recommendations. Today, we use laptops for everything, from work to pleasure. We read, play games, complete assignments, keep up with current affairs, and talk to people through our laptop. Laptops and personal computers allow us to keep the world at our finger tips.

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So, for something that does so much for us, the least we can do is keep it in good shape. Maintaining a laptop is very easy if you know the tricks. Here are a few tips that will help keep your laptop in great shape for many years to come.

A good antivirus software

An effective antivirus software can help keep your laptop from breaking down all of a sudden. This is especially true if you are big on downloading images, music, or any file from the Internet. Even if you know what you are downloading and from where, there is still a possibility that it could contain a virus. An antivirus software can prevent the breakdown of your computer while also preventing the slowdown of the system’s operation and performance. If you choose not to have an antivirus software, you run the risk of a circuit error or software problem in your system. So think twice before you decide against an antivirus software.

Cleaning & dusting regularly

We carry our laptops almost everywhere we go and if you’ve had your laptop for a year or two, it may be full of dust. Dust clogs fans, vents, and heat sinks, preventing your PC from cooling down and functioning properly. Therefore, it is important to clean and dust your laptop on a regular basis. You can remove a good amount of dust without even opening your laptop. Using Q-tips to clean the keyboard is a great idea in addition to compressed air canisters.

Handle removable devices with care

Handling removable devices such as CD drives and external hard drives with care is very important. For example, CD drives that have been removed from your laptop could easily be crushed or dropped. Also, while removing or inserting external hard drives, it is important to always look for the symbols on the laptop carefully before inserting devices. Inserting devices into the wrong slot could jam and damage the sockets, making it impossible to use them again.

Don’t charge 24/7 – Hot & Cold Can Damage Batteries

While charging your laptop is important, it is also important to remember not to keep it plugged in all the time. In addition a sudden temperature change will definitely affect your battery. For example, heat can reduce your battery’s capacity. This applies not only to laptops but to all other devices. But laptop can become hottest of all under load. Therefore make sure to keep your laptop at cool temperatures. In addition, charging and leaving a battery fully charged for an extended period of time can have an impact on the capacity of the battery. Thus, leaving your battery at 50% charge is a good idea if you will not be using it for a while.

Shutdown your laptop & keep it well-ventilated

It is important to shut down your laptop completely once in a while. But what is more important is to shut down all programs and applications before putting your laptop to sleep. Break fix now recommends shutting down your laptop completely to help it stay cool and safe. It is also important to turn it off completely while transporting in order to keep it cool. In addition, it is recommended to use your laptop in a well-ventilated area. Constant air circulation will keep your fans from heating up.

Following these five simple steps will help your laptop survive for a longer period, saving you the money of repairing or buying a new laptop.

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