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FUT Coins Guide in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

If you spend a lot of time on FIFA Ultimate Team, then you may also spend a lot of FUT coins to build and maintain the team. An easy way to always use real money into the game for the coins, but this can become very expensive. FIFA 21 coin is a virtual currency which can be used to buy packs from stores in the transfer market.

Whether you have been there since the beginning but haven’t played so many games yet, or you just joined in, getting more FIFA 21 coins is crucial. If you belong to the second group (novice), you may not even know the difference between FIFA 21 coins and points. In this case, this is what you need to know. If you need free fifa coins, please check here.

Play Division Rival and Squad Battle

Once you have a team that is available midway, the first thing you should do is to solve your divisional rival matches. After completing these five matches, the system will place you in the ranked competition area, and you can participate in up to 30 games a week to get rewards. More importantly, this will provide you with a large number of coins, just to complete the placement, which is ideal for building a starting lineup.

Squad Battles is another good way to make money. You can participate in up to 40 matches a week, but once you qualify for FIFA 21, you only need to complete a lot fewer matches to easily get generous bonuses. Even in the face of legendary difficulties, the weaker Squad Battles team can also use some practice to respect and obey them.

Choose the SBC League

In FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, there are 13 leagues with Squad Builder challenges. In fact, it is impossible for you to complete all the challenges in every league, so you should decide which challenge you want to target as early as possible. After that, keep all the bronze and silver players in the alliance you have acquired and use them to complete the challenge. You can also use some gold players, but this is really valuable for bronze and silver players. Doing so will bring you packaging and other rewards, which can not only enhance the strength of the team, but also increase financial resources. Any player outside the SBC league of your choice can be sold, as long as you don’t have to add them to your first-tier team immediately.

The FUT draft

The FUT draft is a gamble, but if players can advance to the finals, then FUT votes can be repaid ten times. The rewards of FUT trials winners are worth the risk, because players will receive thousands of coins and player packs. Rare player combinations almost always guarantee players with a rating of 84 or higher, and it’s not uncommon to pack cards among players who are high in the 80s or 90s. Players should at least try the drafts, because players can use legends and TOTS cards in each draft.

Learn how to buy

For experienced FUT players, there are many advanced trading methods, but the most reliable technique is to buy players cheaply during the bonus period and in-game promotions.

The player can open a large number of packs very quickly and flood the market with the received items. This temporarily lowers the price, allowing you to buy valuable meta-players at a lower price than usual. More information about fut coins, click here. If you want to use them for your team, that’s great, but if you have extra coins, you can also buy more coins in the required number, wait for the market to rebound, and then sell them for profit. At the right time and understand the price players should pay so you can find bargains.

You can also look for huge market declines in game promotions, when EA will conduct a lightning rounds every hour from 6 pm to sell expensive cigarette packs for a limited time. The market always responds to these and declines, and then rises rapidly.

Avoid Gold Packs

The gold pack is too expensive, just not worth it. Yes, you may get Kylian Mbappe, but you have a better chance of getting Jamal Lascelles or Pascal Gross. Since there are already many gold players in the transfer market, you will rarely get a return on investment of 5,000 FUT coins. If you just want a gold medal pack to fill your team, then you can complete many challenges for free. Silver and bronze packs are still worth buying because they are much cheaper and can help you buy SBC or sell it at a higher price when SBC asks for it.

Squad Building Challenges

The method of monetizing the Squad Building Challenge (SBC) involves using missions from advanced SBC equipment, which everyone will do when FIFA 21 is released to get a backpack with great football players and extra coins.

Once any SBC solution becomes popular, users will immediately enter the game and purchase the required cards, which are immediately bought out, leading to an increase in its price. This also increases the price of specific SBC solutions. The solution is no longer useful to other participants-they will choose the next cheapest solution from the list.

If you need to buy more things, it may not be worth playing at all. However, this is where the profit is made. If you have some players you need for the weekly SBC, their value will suddenly increase. People want to complete these operations quickly, so they can only set the timer to one hour and provide a “buy now” price. Just make sure to look for prices for similar players, and you can avoid buying immediately and defeating your players!

Participate in the Weekend League

It is a well-known fact-FIFA 21’s best reward belongs to the “weekend league”. Not only will you get great game packs, but you will also get player picks and a lot of coins. Of course, it depends on your ranking. Even if you can’t play the elite, you can’t get a higher gold medal ranking, you will still have a lot of rewards and look forward to next time.

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