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Published on April 1st, 2021 | by Sumit Bhowal


Quarantine for Vloggers: New Opportunities Instead of Restrictions

COVID-19 has caused major shifts in everyone’s lives and in some cases, the changes have been pretty tough to bear. Schools, offices, and cinemas have remained closed in many parts of the globe. Restaurants and shops switched to delivery-only services. People have been staying at home for months. Like everyone else, content creators have had to adapt to this new world.

These content creators, also known as vloggers, represent a significant portion of the entertainment industry nowadays. Most of them used to create videos about their daily experience, traveling, and interviews with interesting people. Yet while quarantines around the world have increased demand for entertaining content, vloggers’ experiences have been restricted by the quarantine, same as anyone else. What are the best vlog ideas during quarantine and how can you implement them in your vlogging life? Let’s speculate a bit.

Trending topics for stay-home vloggers

Let’s take a look at YouTube trends during the pandemic:

1. Daily activity

One of the biggest YouTube trends have been videos of people simply showing their daily lives on camera. Working from home, creative activities, and new, pandemic-inspired hobbies have encouraged people to stay tuned and connected during COVID-19.

2. Education

Since transit times and commutes have almost disappeared during the pandemic, people have gained a lot of free time. Some have decided to devote their free hours to shows on Netflix, while others preferred to learn something new. Educational videos present a great opportunity to make your YouTube channel’s views skyrocket. One of the best quarantine vlog ideas: become an educator for your audience. Maybe you can draw cool sketches or have an encyclopedic knowledge of horror movies? Provide tutorials or lectures and help people learn something new and amazing.

3. Food and cooking

Cooking is one of the most popular categories on YouTube and possibly the best vlog idea during 2021 quarantine. Interest in culinary creativity and cooking for enjoyment has only gone up during the pandemic, so you might want to consider cooking up some tasty recipes on camera. Now’s the time to break out your grandmother’s secret pancake recipe. Or maybe you have other cozy recipes from childhood to share. How about ideas on budget meals? Think about it!

4. Fitness

Physical activity is a must when you’re stuck at home for days, weeks, and even months on end. This topic is another quarantine trend and a really good idea for your vlog. How about practicing jump rope or doing a bench press with your viewers? The gyms may be closed, but your channel is always open.

5. Mental well-being

Videos on mental well-being, meditation, and advice on how to improve your psychological state are extremely valuable for people experiencing hard times during their quarantines. Even if you don’t feel like a psychologist, you can always create videos about your hardships and the ways you overcame them. Most of us have felt lonely during the pandemic, so making someone’s isolation a bit more bearable is a great idea. Try being empathic and record videos that are easy to relate to.

6. Beauty

Do you know a recipe for an amazing DYI face mask? Share it on your vlog and your viewers will be amazed. Beauty videos and advice on self-care are winning vlog ideas at home.


Quarantine shouldn’t be a problem for a vlogger: you can always invent amazing new video ideas on cooking, well-being, fitness, education, daily activities, etc. Your room is not a restriction, but a creative space. Think about your current skills and knowledge to share with your audience and stick to the trending topics we have listed above. These are the themes that were popular during the lockdown and they will continue trending!

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