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Make Money Online Passive Income Affiliate Business Ideas Opportunities: What Are Your Options?

Making money work for you is one of the many dreams nowadays instead of being stuck in the employee strata. If you are employed and you want to get out of the rat race, then build a profitable business by availing useful coaching courses offered by digital marketing consultants such as the JournalReview site. Here are the A-F online money making opportunities by Liz Holmes you can choose from:

1. Affiliate Marketing

To generate multiple passive income streams, you can do affiliate marketing. It means that you get a commission when people purchase products from your affiliate links that they click. But to do this means needing a large size of your list in a particular niche.

To build a valuable list, choose a specific niche and build a relationship with them through blogs, websites, or using Medium, Quora, or LinkedIn Publishing. It’s essential to create your own culture to appeal to more audience interested in your recommended products or services. With the right and large size of an audience, cash will flow into your pocket with a little amount of work.

2. Blogging

Starting a blog means working hard to set up a well-made content. Blogging is not a real-quick money scheme but can give you a hefty sum of passive income. Blogging needs patience and perseverance as well as traffic.

To make a passive income using a blog, you need to have a solid plan. First is to choose your niche and focus on it; create unique and best contents about it. Then create your website using a self-hosted web server to be able to generate money.

After the setting-up phase, you can generate multiple revenue streams by adding ads to your site, affiliate marketing, and sponsorships. Work on your site for a while, and it will give you passive income when adequately established.

3. Coaching

Share your knowledge and make money from it. But just like blogging, you need to work hard on it during the start-up phase. Whatever you love or expertise is, you can sell it using an online course, eCourse, video course, audio course, or automated webinars.

Your audience has different learning abilities, so you have a lot of options to sell your expertise; you can write or record an audio or video about it. If writing your guide is not enough, make a weekly or daily webinar as long as it is done regularly then automate it. Create the right message and deliver it to the right audience will make your streams of money flowing.

4. Dropshipping

They say that to become a successful entrepreneur is to start from selling products. Whether you are into entrepreneurship or loves to sell but does not have a capital, dropshipping fits you. In dropshipping, you do not need very high start-up capital, you can do it anywhere, and you do not store the products you sell.

You are only an intermediary, so customers buy products you offer but it is the company’s responsibility to deliver it to the buyer’s address, and you get a commission from the sale. To make a high commission from it, be creative to entice people to buy from you since there are a lot of competitions out there.

5. E-book writing

Publishing your book has never been so easy, unlike the traditional way wherein you need to find a publisher who will want your work. If you love to write fantastic fiction or non-fiction stories, start now and publish it. You can self-publish your e-book on Amazon’s KDP as long as your content is of high quality.

After writing quality content, market through emailing your list or targeting a specific audience through social media. You can also market it in your blog posts, and through this, you can earn plenty from your sales.

6. Funneling

If you have a business or a product you want to sell, you can use funnels to market and attract more buyers. A sales funnel is a digital marketing strategy wherein you start by finding potential buyers and building trust from your future clients by giving freebies or giveaways.

Through this, you can show how your products or services attract them to make a purchase. You can automate your sales funnel, so it is essential to set it up correctly. Lastly, you only need to monitor queries from potential customers and wait for your money while you sleep.


Before having financial freedom, requires hard work and dedication from the start. Choosing the right strategy for you is a trick to stay on this money-making-machine for the long haul. Doing it requires learning the basics and be expert on it before jumping to another passive income scheme.

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