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Timeshare Software – Vacation Ownership Management


Current times are remarkably growing with advanced features and upgrades to improve productivity. Timeshare software is one such aspect that is helping businesses run and manage shared property ownership. Timeshare denotes the same process where and how to manage a property when there are several owners. Most recreational properties cannot do without software that can manage efficient and smooth timeshare ownership.

What is Timeshare Software?

How do you manage a property that is having several owners and is having frequent check-ins and check-outs? Imagine few owners planning to use their recreational property at the same time without knowing earlier. Bumping into each other is not going to be pleased every time on vacation unlike, while on the single ownership properties. Therefore, timeshare software presents some very useful features to its users where multi ownership is efficiently taken care of.

Timeshare software works on the systematic approach to handle vacation ownership properties with several features and modules. The software makes vacation ownership easier with a variety of ownership concepts handling effortlessly. Contracts and other critical parts of the process are much simpler and easier to handle and manage with the timeshare.

Features of Timeshare Software

Most of the timeshare software now come well equipped with everything that a business or multi ownership requires. Especially, for vacation ownership where timeshare software is accountable to work like residency managing check-ins and check-outs. Not to forget housekeeping. Such software managing recreational properties are going to need more options to combine multiple timeshare-based software to manage multi ownership and whole ownership.

Here are some of the features of timeshare software

The software for a timeshare is of paramount importance for such property management software to manage the following aspects of vacation ownership.

  • Different ownership concepts and ideas.
  • Ownership contracts and paper-work.
  • Eight Share
  • Fixed Week
  • Float Week
  • Point-Based
  • Quarter Share
  • Annual or Biennial
  • Right to use or split use weeks.

How Timeshare Software Works

Timeshare software is the software that is responsible for the management of timeshare properties. Often this software is categorized in various modules that signify different departments. Therefore, it becomes easier and less hassling to manage one aspect in a timeshare enterprise. For example, there would be a separate software module for sales, management, marketing, and finance.

Every module has its own sub-categories that help businesses to maintain the operations and their fulfilment. Keeping up with these parts, timeshare properties can exist efficiently and manage tours and inventory for vacation ownership management. Recreational properties are not easy to maintain when there are more than a few owners. This is where timeshare software can present its unique features and facets.


Every vacation ownership property will require a timeshare management software to look after smooth functioning. The various modules and departments of the software will be able to keep the process running. Keeping track of the check-ins and check-outs is not the only thing necessary in vacation ownership. Managing reservations and maintenance along with marketing and other aspects are also crucial.

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