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Important Documents to Check Before Buying a Flat

There are a lot of reasons that pushes you to find a new property, and while you’re on the lookout to buy a new one, it’s essential to know all the important documents to check before looking for a house or renting 1 BHK Flat or Sydney Short Term Rentals.

Now, if you’re among those who are desperate to buy a property in a metropolitan city, then make sure to keep all the documents to check before buying a resale flat ready. Under Government Housing Schemes in India, until your documents are verified, you can’t start construction. Your records need to be submitted while the house or apartments are under construction. Checking the property and all related documents is equally important even if you are thinking of taking the property on rent. All terms must be clear when you are deciding to take apartment for rent in hanoi or in any other city for that matter.

Here are important documents to check before buying a flat or a house in Mumbai:

1. Title Deed

The Legal way of saying that you own a particular flat or a house has a Title Deed. It comes under right to something. Now, for real estate purposes, the title refers to the ownership of the property. This particular law says that you have the reasons to use that property.

As you have a title, therefore, you can access the land and can potentially modify it as you see fit. Moreover, the title also means that you can transfer that interest or portion that you own to others. A buyer can verify the original deed and then confirm that the land is in the name of the developer or not.

Note:- Make sure that you get the title reviewed by your lawyer.

2. Intimation of Disapproval (IOD)

The IOD or the Intimation of Disapproval is a set of permissions that must be obtained by a developer at different stages of construction. This particular process involves acquiring and a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from distinct departments.

These are the different departments:- Storm Water & Drain Department, Sewage Department, Forest Department, Environment Department, Traffic as well as Coordination Department, Chief Fire Officer, Airport Authority, Pollution Board and others.

3. Mother Deed

Mother deed is a primary legal document and evidence which states the ownership of a property. Moreover, it acts as the leading document for further sale by the buyer as it confirms the ownership. Well, Mother deed is one of the most important documents in a property transaction. It traces the origin of property as well as all other relevant conveyance deeds.

Mostly, mother deed is an important document to determine ownership of the property. Tracing ownership of the property always begins with the scrutiny of the most straightforward document recorded. Now, in case these documents are not available, then you must try to get the certified copies from the registering authorities.

Note:- Make sure you don’t ignore the process as they are mother or parent documents.

4. Commencement Certificate (For Under Construction Projects)

The Local Authorities issue the Commencement Certificate once they inspect the site. Radically, this document states that the project meets the criteria and helps in the commencement of construction on a site by the builder.

However, if the property fails in acquiring a Commencement Certificate will result in the construction which is being considered as illegal, and even attracts an eviction notice.

5. Approved Layout Plans

The layout plans of your flat or an apartment must be approved by the appropriate planning authorities. The Homebuyers must verify that the property they are looking to buy must have approvals of planning authorities in case they need to add extra floors or reducing open areas.

6. Purchase Agreement

The Purchase Agreement encloses all the significant details of the construction project which includes project specification, apartments, payment modes, completion deadlines and the amount of penalty.

Your purchase agreement also states a clause in which it is clearly mentioned that the plot remains under the original owners and the developers cannot engage in further construction on that particular land.

7. Occupancy Certificate

The certificate of Occupancy or completion certificate is a document issued at the end of the complete construction by local government agency or planning authority. The legal documents are proof of the building’s compliance with applicable building codes and other laws.

Moreover, the document indicates that the property is in a favorable condition for occupancy. The developer of the building is responsible for getting the occupancy certificate.

Note:- Do remember that Occupancy Certificate can only be obtained once the building has been completed in all respects and is ready to be occupied.

The Bottom Line

Well, it is recommended that you must seek in all the above documents from the seller at the time of buying a property to avoid any future problems. However, if you can’t find the perfect house in Mumbai then you must check the properties recommended by!

You must also deploy your property lease papers to your lawyer for verifying each document carefully. And if you find something wrong in it do concern with the person from the owner.

Now, in case you need to get the best lawyer and legal advice, do let us know in the comment section. If you have any queries or suggestions, then do let us know in the comment section.

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