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Rise of The Machine [Infographic]

Over the last fifty years workplaces have changed dramatically, however, the last ten years have seen the introduction of machines that have altered the way we work. Today there are new jobs that simply didn’t exist in the past and technology that has transformed our way of life. What can we expect in the next ten years and beyond?

This infographic takes a look at how robotics are doing jobs that, up until now, have been performed by humans, it also looks at how Artificial Intelligence could see the end of old, traditional working methods, taking a look at the offices of the future and asks how will workforces of the future be mobilised?

Although many of the jobs performed by AI can’t be guaranteed, we pose the question ‘Will your job be safe in the foreseeable future’? The infographic also looks at whether life will be harder or easier with the introduction of AI, ultimately we’ll let you make that call.

Looking back over the past thirty years is fun however, The Rise of the Machines takes a look at what the future may hold in your place of work.

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