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Published on August 18th, 2021 | by Mila Jones


Best Places in the World for Overseas Property Investment

Are you aware that many factors have contributed to the challenges to the real estate market worldwide?

Factors like stock market collapse, the COVID-19 pandemic, and volatile crude oil prices have weighed on the real estate industry.

Other risk factors are associated with the real estate market, such as high valuations, pricing issues, oversupply, technology impacts, tax and regulatory environment, interest rate risks, economic and financial market issues, currency fluctuations, and political risks.

If you are looking to invest in the real estate segment in countries that can guarantee high rental yields, you must look at countries that can generate cash flows.

When you think of investing in overseas property markets, make sure you can navigate the financial obligations properly.

It will help if you bear in mind that financial procedures and real estate transactions work differently in another country than those in your own country.

We try to make your search easier by tabulating the best countries to purchase real estate properties and get a good return on investment(RoI).

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You can look at the following countries where you can appreciate your capital by investing in a real estate property:


You can consider investing in Germany if you are looking for good investment opportunities within the European property market. You might be already acquainted with the fact that Germany is an economic superpower with many investment opportunities. Besides, the low cost of living and lower-income tax slabs make it an attractive investment country.


France is another attractive country in Europe for investing in real estate property. It is one of the best countries for investors looking for a long term return.

There is also a unique advantage for overseas real estate investors, who can get in-country financing, something they cannot expect in many countries.

Moreover, interest rates for mortgages are low. There is also the possibility of getting refinancing up to 85 percent loan-to-value.

Besides, the rental income tax is remarkably lower than in other European countries. As such, investors will get a good RoI.

United States of America (USA)

When investing in a real estate property in a different country, the USA can be a good choice. During the last few years, many cities in the USA have gained immense popularity as potential real estate investor destinations. Like Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and Washington, you can consider cities as great options for investing in a real estate property. You can stay assured that you will gain a good RoI.

United Kingdom

When you considered investing abroad, the United Kingdom might be a wise choice. The nation’s highly diverse economy and well-established legal system make it a desirable location for investors wishing to participate in a variety of businesses. If you consider renting out your property, you can make a good rental income because so many foreigners reside here. You can also hire a property investment company in the UK if you are unsure about investing in real estate or renting out houses. They can assist you with this.


Canada is one of the most vibrant economies in the world. And the country is an attractive option for real estate investors. There are many property options to invest in, making the country an ideal choice for real estate investors. Besides, the population is low, and the standard of living is high. Canada is well known for being a liberal country and is tolerant of immigrants and visitors. There are many new property projects under development in the country, providing a wide range of options to choose from for investors.


Australia is another option that you can consider for investing in a property. The country has a growing economy and provides high living standards to its residents. Australia is also a country with the highest rates of prosperity. Moreover, its vibrant economy has drawn in many real estate investors from different countries. In addition, there are many tourist attractions in Australia, including wildlife areas and farmlands, which draw interest to the country. During the last few years, many overseas investors have invested in real estate properties in the country and reap substantial benefits.

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

If tax-friendliness is your concern, then do not think beyond the UAE. It is a tax-friendly country that can help you to get high RoI. And what is more, there are no income tax laws in the UAE. It might sound untrue, but it is the truth.

It implies that you need not pay any income tax on the rent from the property you own. And you get an excellent rental yield of around 5 percent in the UAE, allowing you to get the maximum RoI.

When it comes to property investments in the UAE, you can choose Dubai to invest in owning a property. The reason is that there are attractive and affordable areas in Dubai for purchasing a property: Downtown, Palm Jumeirah, Marina and International City, etc.

By investing in a property in Dubai, you can get a good RoI due to the growing demand for rental properties, especially among the foreign population.

Many overseas investors have already bought real estate properties in these areas, reaping attractive RoIs.


The Republic of Turkey has become an attractive destination for real estate investors worldwide. The attraction for a real estate property investment in the country mainly arises from its central location and growing economy. In addition, you can regard Turkey as a connecting link between Europe and Asia and as a home to different cultures and religions. The Turkey government has passed favourable laws to ease real estate property investments by foreign investors in the country. And the good news is that foreign inventors can go through a simplified process to acquire Turkish citizenship through real estate investment.


Indonesia can be one of the best real estate investment countries for overseas investors. The attraction arises from its strong economy and the availability of natural resources. If you invest in a property in the country, you can get a good RoI. Demand for rental properties is on the rise, so if you invest in a property and rent it out, you will get a good income from the property. Indonesia is densely populated, and rental yields are in a rising mode. The recent trend shows that the average rental yields have shot up by 8 percent.


The real estate market in Colombia is implementing innovative solutions to attract investors. Therefore, you can choose to buy a property in the country as that will yield good returns. The country’s economy has been growing steadily, and the GDP has doubled during the last ten years. Therefore, even if you purchase a property for renting out, you can expect a rental yield of around 6.51 percent.


The Philippines is another ideal location for investing in a real estate property in a foreign country. There are many foreigners in the country, and most of them stay in rented properties. So, you will get an excellent rental income if you rent out your property after purchase.


Morocco is also a good property investment destination for foreigners. Many affordable real estate properties offer high living standards in the country. Moreover, the government has a sound taxation system to ensure that foreigners do not fall prey to double taxation. In Morocco, you can expect a rental yield of around 5.5 percent.


Thailand has a strong economy and a booming tourism industry. As such, you can consider investing in a property in the country. As per the latest trend, you can expect a rental yield of around 5 percent by renting out a property in Thailand.


We have listed the countries for you to consider while purchasing a property in a foreign land. And, we believe that the article will serve as a valuable guide for you.

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