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Five must have Smartphone Accessories for your Summer Vacation

Summer is here and that means one thing, it’s time for a much needed break.

Whether you’re planning a relaxing break on the beautiful sands of an exotic island, trekking the remote countryside in search of tranquil bliss or exploring the winding streets of a foreign city you’ll almost certainly need to be well equipped.

Perhaps number on your list of things to take is your Smartphone, but before you finish packing you’d be wise to consider what other gadgets you may well require.  Things that will enhance your holiday, bring you entertainment and fun, but above all ensure you’re phone will be with you all the way. This guide has a the full complement of Smartphone accessories you’ll need to keep powered up, entertained and enlightened.

1. Power bank

With practically every place on earth connected with internet, there is only interference which can prevent you from getting online – the feared low battery notification. Hence a portable charger is a must for phone lovers. This device is a prime lifeline during any travel. These Smartphone sized gadgets can charge a phone around 3-4 times give you 2-3 tablet charges depending upon its battery capacity. A 10,000 or 15,000mAh charger is very common nowadays and is even pocket-friendly.  Just charge the power bank fully before setting off on holidays and forget your power concerns.  Available from as little as $20 this is an affordable way to ensure you never run out of juice when away from an electrical socket.

2. Selfie stick

Apparently yes, Selfie’s resemble a holy ritual in this era. Frankly speaking, your day is not considered complete without that one insane Selfie with your closest companions or siblings. Such is the craze of selfies that they are becoming an integral part of every small or large activity. If you don’t have an awesome Selfie stick to catch excellent Selfie clicks quickly, you’ll miss the opportunity for a perfect pic. Selfie sticks are a straightforward approach to take selfies of friends, family or all-encompassing scenic spots. In case you’re arranging a family trip, or simply love to take photographs a Selfie stick is a sure-shot option and a must include for many.

3. Bluetooth speaker

Everybody loves music, and no vacation is complete without it. Bluetooth speakers can be the best option to listen to your favorite songs during travel. Bluetooth speakers have gained a lot of popularity in the last few years, changing from boxes that were only slightly superior to your phone’s built-in speaker to something that can give out high-quality audio with thumping base and long usage times. There are a variety of premium alternatives out there which you should consider while picking the best Bluetooth speaker for your needs.

Blast your most loved playlist in your room, or anyplace you need. The best part is that a good Bluetooth speaker will bring almost 10 hours of awesome tunes.  From a simple charge of a few hours you’ll enjoy lovely music the whole day.  They are also lightweight and easy to carry as well. If you’re heading to the beach you’d probably better consider a waterproof and dustproof speaker for your peace of mind.

4. Protective phone case

If you are planning your holidays where there be will lots of pools, shorelines, mountains or rugged scenery, it’s important to ensure that you have a protective cover for your phone.

After all it not much use if you drop and break it on the first day.  There are thousands of cases to chose from. But done be put off by the thought that all cases are ugly or bulky. If you don’t like the idea of a generic case you can also go to s site that makes custom phone cases to order.

You’ll probably want to choose which case you need depending on where you’re going and what you will be doing when away.

A slim phone case will offer valuable protection while hardly being noticeable. Ideal if your relaxing at a hotel or taking a relaxing break away from it all.

With a folio case you your phone and card can be kept together saving on space and doing away with the need to carry a wallet, this may be ideal if you’re on a city break, you can keep your travel and credit cards all tucked together. So you needn’t take your wallet everywhere you go and can protect the screen of your phone from scratches cased by change or keys.

If on the other hand your holidays are more of an extreme offer you may want to go for the maximum protection a full enclosing rugged case. This would keep you phone safe from water and dust, ideal for extreme sports or just chilling on the beach.

5. Universal power charger

Do you carry multiple gadgets while you travel? Or, are you that kind of traveler who helps their family and companions to charge their devices as well?  If that’s the case you would be smart to invest in a universal power adapter or charging socket. You can purchase 2-and 3-port dual chargers that enable you to connect a few devices to a single power source at one time. In case you’re traveling to another country for a longer tenure, it’s well worth the investment and ensures you’ll be able to keep all you electronics running. With three or four outlets, a universal power converter with additional USB ports would ensure your well equipped for all your power needs.

In this Tech-savvy Generation, people love to add value to their Smartphone and beautify them by using various accessories. Smartphone, I-Pods, cameras, and computers and various applications from social networking, movies-on-demand, and online games become the necessity for them. So I am sure you will not forget these must have Smartphone accessories for your summer vacation. These key accessories will be sure to make your vacation so much easier and enjoyable without any hurdles.

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