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5 Essential Tech Items You Should Have In Your Home

Technology is constantly evolving and as such the market is filled with lots of exciting items. Many of us are constantly attempting to keep up with these technological advancements to ensure that our homes are equipped with the must-have gadgets. Not only are these items appealing because of their upgraded features, but they can transform daily life too.

Keeping up with all of the new technological releases can be a challenge, however, we have identified the top 5 tech items that we would consider to be essential additions to your home. For more guidance, the team at beta house provides information that we would recommend you to check out too.

Smart Security Camera

Smart security cameras use motion-activated sensors to detect when there is any motion surrounding your property. Most are wireless and use wifi connectivity to function. Thanks to this connection you will receive footage and alerts informing you of this motion even when you are not at your property. They offer excellent home protection and can be a deterrent to unwanted intruders. Should your home, unfortunately, be subject to any unwanted intrusion, a security camera provides evidence that can help to identify the suspect.

Many brands offer high-quality variations of smart security cameras. Your chosen smart security camera should be equipped with all the features that you require whilst accommodating your budget.

Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat controls the heating boiler system in your home and functions via a wifi connection. Using your smart device you can monitor the temperature of your home even when you aren’t present, opting to increase or decrease the temperature or turning your heating off when required. Smart thermostats tend to be very fitting for the lifestyles of those with busy schedules by adapting to patterns and detecting when you’re present. Smart thermostats also offer excellent flexibility as you don’t need to be home to control the heat and temperature inside your house. They are also considered to be a cost-effective option too as they adapt to particular patterns and can be programmed to suit your needs. Most detect motion so the temperature will increase or decrease accordingly.

To select the right smart thermostat for you, you must first decide on the type of device that you desire. Some will be more advanced than others. Also, consider its suitability with your existing wiring.

Smart Audio System

A smart audio system allows you to listen to your favorite music regardless of where you are in your home. Whether you want to listen to a radio show or you want to spend the afternoon relaxing while listening to your favorite podcast, a smart audio system allows you to do so. They typically tend to be compatible with smart devices so you can stream your favorite music or alternate between tracks with a simple click of a button. Many are voice receptive so you can control the functions via verbal communication. Others may also be suitable for setting timers and alarms and many are equipped with a smart assistant too.

There are many offerings from well-known brands. The sound quality is going to be a primary focus, but also consider factors such as the size and cost as well as any advanced features.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

A robot vacuum cleaner uses smart technology to navigate its way around your home whilst avoiding any obstacles along the way. They are designed with sensors and absorb data which in turn allows the cleaner to learn the layout of your home so that it can function without the need for human interaction. All that you are required to do is set the button for it to begin working. Others may be app compatible allowing you to control the cleaner without needing to be near it. Some will even allow you to set a schedule and they are super compact so they aren’t going to consume a lot of room inside your home.

To find the best robot vacuum cleaner you will first need to assess its compatibility with the flooring inside your home. Also, set a budget and ensure that your chosen product boasts all of the features that you require.

Wireless LED Light Bulbs

Wireless LED lights surround the concept of mesh networking, and as such the bulb connects to the bulb in which it is situated nearest. Using your phone you can control the lights by turning them on and off when required. You can also schedule the lights to turn on and off at particular times throughout the day, ideal for when you aren’t at home a lot throughout the day. This is also handy should you find yourself out and about only to realize that you have left a light on, simply use your device to turn it back off.

When selecting your wireless light bulbs you must first consider the quality of the LEDs as this is likely to determine how long they will last. Also, consider the price and compatibility with your smart devices.


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