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How do MOBA Online Games Create Jobs for Millions

The MOBA scene is one that is growing as the internet becomes faster and better connected across the globe. Today rather than playing games versus computer code players are fighting against other players online. Now 1v1 gaming may be nothing new to most gamers but in the MOBA battle arena we are seeing 5v5 battles and entire maps filled with 100s of players battling out for bragging rights.

Right now, the mass gaming MOBA scene is still not quite there. When we say ‘mass gaming’ we mean games filled with 100s of people each playing a character on a map. There are quite a few games such as World of Tanks that have a large numbers of gamers on the same map, but this online gaming scene is yet to produce professional players on the scale of small battle arenas such as Dota 2, Overwatch, and League of Legends.

However, if mass gaming were to create million-dollar professionals COD seems to be the closest at this time as there are already plenty of pros playing in games with around 10 to 20 players. COD could easily scale its maps and number of players which is something we are likely going to see in the future as the digital online gaming trend of eSports continues to dominate the gaming industry.

Dota Is Arguably the Top Pro eSports Game

For now, Dota rules supreme which is a surprise because the game’s matchmaking and ranking system has time and again been proven to be flawed yet it is number one. While League of Legends which has a much better ranking and matchmaking system seems to be stuck in position 2.

The pro players that play these games are being paid huge sums of cash. Dota’s most recent prize pool for the tournament winners was more than $35 million. However, not everyone can be a million-dollar pro on a team with sponsorships.

Other Professions From eSports & MOBA Games

Becoming a pro MOBA player does not always mean making it to the big time. There are other ways to make money by gaming part time.

Online gaming can be very competitive and with that comes the need to look better as player. To look better, your online game will need a rank or rating. For example, Dota, Overwatch, Combat Arms, and League of Legends as well as many other games all have matches that are played competitively. In those matches, you are required to calibrate to have a ranking.

Boosting Player Rankings & Ratings

Online boosters are players on these games that are simply brilliant at the game and they get paid to play on your account and improve your rating.

To become an online booster, you will need to be one of the top ranked players in the game. You too can become an online booster if you are in say the top 10% in the world.

A good example of this is players in a game like Dota that are rated around 6,000 MMR or above. There are not many players on the game that have a rating so high. This may not sound like a lot compared to many of the pro players that are ranked 9,000 MMR and above, but 6,000 MMR is pretty high up there.

In fact, most websites that hire boosters for Dota require that their booster be at least 4,500 MMR or above. Most players at 4,500 are able to play games 3,000 MMR or below and dominate. Any higher than this, and a booster of around 5,000 MMR or above will be required.

A booster boosting in a 2,000 MMR game will generally not the help of any of his teammates. He will simply just go and wreck the other team on his own. The other player will not know that this player is boosting, which is the beauty of it. It just looks as if this 2,000 MMR ranked player is far better than anyone else with the hero he/she is playing.

How much will I get paid as a booster?

Don’t believe that you will get rich from boosting because this is actually a competitive marketplace. You will probably take around 25 minutes to 30 minutes to complete a game; sometime more. This is including the time waiting to connect to a game and going through the draft phase of the game.

Most boosters are paid $5 per game, and some $7. It really depends on the website that hires the booster. As competition between websites that sell booster services, the rate they charge is always being undercut, which in turn affects the amount a booster is paid. A good booster can earn between $8 and $15 an hour.

If you are a booster, the way you have to look at is that you are being paid to play a game that you enjoy. If you can boost 8 games a day, you are looking at around $40 to $50 a day, which is not a salary that is going to get you rich in the long run. Where the money is, is if you can persuade the person that paid for the boosting to take on weekly coaching lessons.

There are also a few overheads such as gaming equipment and a decent internet connections as booster do not want to end up registering disconnects on customer accounts. Plus, geo-location software may also be needed to ‘party/team up’ with some customers who are not in the same region.

More Jobs in eSports

The list of jobs created by eSports is endless. There are commentators, IT technicians working for the game companies, advertising, and even affiliate marketing for those that get people to sign up for betting sites with eSport bet markets on them. There also now tons of blogs that earn money from advertising space on their website, while there are numerous digital eComm shops selling skins and collector’s items for the games. Those blog sites and eComm stores in turn create employment by hiring those that place the content on the site!

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