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Top Malayalam Keyboards for Typing Malayalam on Your Android

Our commitments with word and studies often snatch us away from our home. With the ease of commute and long-distance communication, the world seems to grow smaller with every passing year. Evolution in various technologies plays the biggest role in making this happen. But no matter what humans are dependent creatures and we will always feel the need for human connection even if the means of the connection changes with time.

We are connected to our loved one via different means of communication like video chats, calls, messaging, yeah messaging, or the millennial slang chatting/texting is the current popular medium of communication.

But do you what is an even better way to feel closer to your loved ones? Language. Your local language, the language that you grew up with has a way of making you feel at home, doesn’t it?

Among many languages in India is Malayalam is one of the most culturally rich languages you could find. But texting in Malayalam is not as easy especially without the proper tool. There are so many tools out there for typing in Malayalam on your phone or even your laptop. But most of them just don’t cut it for me. And from the few that do, it is hard to choose the one that would be right for you.

For this reason, I have brought this curated list of best Keyboard Apps out there for texting in Malayalam.

Top 3 Malayalam Typing App for the Malayalam loving Android Users

1. Malayalam Keyboard with Malayalam Stickers

This is the app that I got and I stuck with. I think that is quite a praise but let me tell you the reason. It allows you to either write in Malayalam directly or use its brilliant text to voice features and let the keyboard write for you. I prefer this keyboard for its amazing algorithm that really grasps the user intent and the Malayalam accent.

But the best part about this application is that it allows you to create Animated photos/avatars of yourself. You can then use these pictures to generate personalized Malayalam stickers (Stickers with your animated avatar head). You can also create similar stickers using photos of your friends and loved ones and add Malayalam text of your choice.

Malayalam Keyboard has a wide range of gifs and Malayalam stickers for you to choose from. In addition to all that you can also create a personalized theme for the Malayalam Keyboard or choose from many default themes that come with the keyboard. This Malayalam Keyboard with Malayalam Stickers will change the chatting game for you. Stand out in all the group chats with amazing fonts and Bigmoji’s that this keyboard lets you send. And the best part is that you don’t have to worry about ads or pay for anything.

2. Malayalam Keyboard by ClusterDev

Developed by ClusterDev it is one of the most popular keyboards on play store for typing Malayalam. They boast that this is the only Keyboard app you need to satisfy all of your Malayalam texting needs. It is quite a decent keyboard from my experience. It has this key feature that allows you to switch between Malayalam and English Keyboard with just one tap. It even enables you to type in English and suggests Malayalam words for your typing. There are various settings that make your Malayalam typing experience even better like enabling “Vibrate on keypress” to add a small vibration when you press any key or Selecting “Press space to select the word” will automatically select the Malayalam prediction when you press space.

There are two cons I experienced in this. First was the number of ads that can annoy you but you can get rid of those by making a purchase. The second was that once the network was the keyboard is just not that effective and it does crash sometimes.

3. Malayalam Keyboard: Malayalam Language Keyboard

It is quite a decent app. It was one of the very first typing keyboard app I used for typing Malayalam but the updates were not as good as others in the list. I downloaded it again for checking out the latest version that it fairly okay. It has all the basic features like typing on Malayalam Keyboard (they have 94 keys for you to explore Malayalam Characters), Voice to Text feature. Although this keyboard also has Malayalam Stickers, they are not they are quite generic. You can give it a try if you have problems with the other two Malayalam keyboards. It is not as customizable in terms of settings as the other two Malayalam keyboards I mentioned.

4. Gboard with Marathi Language Addon

The tried and tested Gboard is probably one of the most common boards out there and there and for good reason. Its free, its flexible and its got a lot of customization options. Among the botaload of features is the ability to download additional language packs, including indic languages such as Malayalam. On top of that, it still has a billiant language prediction and error correction features.

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