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Maxing Out On Screen Time: Avoiding and Treating High Tech Eye Strain

We’re spending more and more time behind screens all day. We’ve got them in our pockets, on our walls and in our bags. Many of us are beginning to experience computer induced eye strain. This is also becoming a major complaint among workers. Many studies have shown that eye strain can occur in a majority of office workers and those that use the computer as their main tool of business.

Diagnosing & Fixing the Strain

Some of the first major tell tale signs of eye strain are physical fatigue, ocular pain, and increased prevalence of red eyes and random twitching. If any of these problems arise, know that there is a way to combat them through both proactive and reactive methods.

One of the first things you should do if any of these signs start is get an eye check up. A comprehensive review by the doctor will let you know if you have any computer vision problems. Let your doctor know that you primarily work on the computer and are going to be subject to sitting behind a screen for hours on end.

Many times we also use our computers and screens for leisure. In this case you’ll want to pick up a pair of gaming glasses to maximize your playtime. These frames reduce glare and increase the inherent contrasted colors on a screen. The glasses are also non reflective which create an even greater amount of protection.

Adjusting Lighting

The major cause of eye strain comes from excessive lighting. Some of these sources of light can come from outside or even faulty flickering lighting inside.  Avoiding these kinds of lights will greatly reduce your strain. The exterior light can easily be avoided by closing the blinds or drapes around the house or office.

Your lighting around your computer should be half as bright as the actual computer. Most office places and homes are far too bright when it comes to eye strain. Some lights that are definite offenders are fluorescent lighting in the office.

Accounting For Glare

Glare is the big culprit here with strained eyes. You want to make sure all forms of glare are greatly reduced. Many new computer screens will come with anti-glare screens that can be adjusted on the monitor. Look into the latest OLED and high-resolution screens that can be used to protect the eyes.

Some of these new screens on computers are made with your eyes in mind to reduce strain. Try to make your own rules to look away from the computer any chance you can get after a certain amount of time.

Its best to take the 20 rule to heart and look away for 20 seconds every 20 minutes. This small look away exercise gives your eyes some variety for a while. Many people can adequately use their computers and other host of screens without running into any major issues if they keep these tips and tricks in mind.


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Morgan Tomlinson works as an optician and is concerned about the vision of the younger generation due to too much screen time. Her articles give tips on how to avoid eye strain and appear on health blogs and parenting sites mostly.

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