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Cool and useful gadgets for the future

There was never better technology in history than the one we have today! Just imagine how easy it is for us to live in the 21st century, especially comparing to the lives our grand-grand-grand-grandfathers had. There are so many little things that just make our lives easier, and we barely give them any credit!

The situation can be even better in the future, with more innovations on the way every day! In recent years, there have been some cool ideas, and some of them are slowly being put to work. Paying attention to them, here is a hint of some of the things you can expect in the near future!

A robot suitcase

In the era of smartphones, smart TVs, and other smart gadgets, there is no reason why we should have smart everything in the future!

A robot suitcase is already on the market, but we can definitely expect smart robot suitcases in the future. If this seems like a stupid and unnecessary idea, just ask people who travel a lot what they think of this.

Possible uses:

  • Free hands: long-distance flights can require a lot of stuff to be brought. With luggage that follows you, you will have your hands free for tickets, passport, phone, food, or whatever.
  • Anti-theft: as a smart suitcase, it would be a smart thing to include the anti-theft security system.
  • Easy recognition: Find your suitcase on the line with ease, with smart detection functions.

A floating sofa

How cool would it be to float around your house? This may seem like a purely aesthetic innovation, but it actually has many positive features.

Possible uses

  • Easy sleep: remember how easily you’d fallen asleep on a netted swing? Well, with a floating sofa there might be a ‘swinging mode’ to rock you to your sleep.
  • Easy room cleaning: with floating furniture, there will be no need to move objects to and fro when cleaning the room.
  • More space: as the sofa will be in the air, there will be more space for other things in the room.

A speaker that allows you to touch music

People will possibly be able to feel the music physically (and we’re not talking about the bass system).

A speaker with the 3D mapping of the music played on top will provide a completely new musical experience – something similar to equalizer visualization that can be seen with music players. Play your song, put your hand on the speaker, and feel the music.

Possible uses

  • Music learning: as some people benefit more from visual stimuli than audio, this could be a great way to learn about music.
  • New-way composing: create music pieces in combination with this music mapping – both audio and visual art.
  • Music for deaf people: feel the music with your hand.

A 3D pen

Why limit your creativity in 2D only? A 3D pen enables people to ‘write down’ their ideas as imagined – in 3D!

A pen of this kind already exists, but it’s still in its early development. Although the idea has been realized, much improvement is expected in order for it to reach its full potential. And how much potential there is!

Possible uses

  • Architecture: create structures while on the move.
  • Schools: kids can use them for maths, arts, and many more classes.
  • Decoration: make your home more beautiful with various objects and sketches of your own creation.
  • And many, many more!

Pretty cool, eh? If you are interested, you can check out more of cool gadgets!

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