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5 Sling Time Tracker Alternatives on the Market

Time is something we never have enough. Life itself is short, so managing your time has become essential if you want to live it to its fullest. For some, time management comes naturally, but for those who struggle to maintain it, something has to be created to help them deal with it more effectively.

Nowadays, apps are a great tool that helps us in many ways to make our life easy. Time management apps are out there, and they’re transforming how some companies are managing their employees. With Sling being one of the biggest out there, others followed and created their apps that are making Sling a thing of a past.

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In this article, we’ll talk about five apps that are good alternatives for Sling.

Tracktime24 is plowing its way through a sea of options available for time management apps. The solid price starting at only 2$/ month is very tempting for those looking for a site or an app that will transform how they’re managing their time while at work.

Now you can create and modify time schedules and analyze the space that needs improvement. You can test it before investing in it because it offers free content, even without a monthly subscription.

Time Clock Wizard

With this app, you can track your employee’s work hours and control their payroll. The app will automatically alternate workdays, so you don’t have to do it manually every time. You can track absences and late check-ins so you can analyze who is your weakest link when it comes to timekeeping.

Another great feature is that you can track and manage any business trip you or your employees need to take. You’ll always be aware when someone is out for some time. The starting price of the basic package is 14.95$/month.


Zoho is a very popular on-demand service that will help your HR service monitor your workforce and analyze their productivity. It will find a period when your company lacks efficiency and will recommend the best actions to take. Zoho will be essential for attendance management and time tracking, and also for appraisal of high-performers.

The app makes some of the tasks that you had to do by yourself done with comfort. It will reduce the workload you have to put in to manage your employees and allow you to focus your energy elsewhere. The starting price for the basic package starts at 9$/month. This is a great deal for a tool that is good if you ask us.


Hubstaff is used by many small businesses and major companies around the world. It doesn’t come as a surprise because of the content it provides. The app will track time spent on different URLs and monitor how much of it is wasted on unimportant things not related to business.

Like that, you’ll always have insight into your employees’ performance and notify you when the efficiency drops. Hubstaff also gives you an automated payroll option based on the working hours recorded through it. With a starting price of 7$/month, you’ll be happy with the quality of service provided.


RescueTime will allow you to track time spent on anything else besides work. It will notify you by a pop-up window if you or your employee is spending too much time on irrelevant things that will affect the efficiency of more important tasks. You can set your daily goals, and the app will notify you how well you’re progressing throughout the day.

Another great thing about the app is that it will notify you if you’re over-stressing your body with work, and when it’s time for a short break. A free version of the app is available, but will not provide as much of an option as if you pay for a 6$/month subscription.


With so many great apps and sites out there, we’re sure that one of them will help you set the bar higher and transform how you’re managing your time while on work. We tested out this theory by ourselves and concluded that we should have done it years ago.

Your working hours will see improvement, and you’ll have more time to spend doing more important things, like spending time with your family. Take our advice and try out some of these apps, and you will be amazed by the results.

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