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How to Choose Best Monitor for Gaming

From the last few years, we all witnessed a huge spike in the gaming industry. New brands emerged and brought up some of the finest gaming peripherals. The great thing is, we have gaming peripherals for everyone. One doesn’t need to spend a fortune to enjoy gaming at home.

While some preferred gaming console, other preferred PC gaming. No matter which kind of gaming rig you prefer, there is one thing that remains common in all, and that is a Gaming Monitor.

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Gaming Monitors are different from the usual monitor we saw in offices, schools. Gaming Monitors are built for a fast response. Professional Gamers invest a considerable chunk of their budget only on Gaming Monitor because a microsecond delay in the picture processing can turn the match upside down. Right now, the market is filled with gaming monitors, but which one to buy is always an issue. This blog post will help you in choosing the best gaming monitor for your computer desk for gaming.

Here are a few things you should be kept in mind before you select a gaming monitor for you:

1. Refresh Rate

Refresh Rate in gaming monitors means how many times, in one second, the monitor refreshes the display to show the new image. A 60hz monitor means the monitor gets refreshed 60 times in a second to show you the new image.

If you are into Console gaming like PS4 Pro, Xbox One X, Nintendo Switch, you can get a 60 Hz gaming monitor, but if you want fast pace PC gaming, a 240hz gaming monitor is what we recommend. Here you can check some of the best 240 Hz gaming monitors that allow you to play fast-paced PC games with ultimate smoothness.

2. Response Time

If you are into casual gaming, this might look like a gimmick to you, but if you are a serious gamer, you will experience the Response Time, and it can also affect your gaming performance. Response Time is the time taken by the monitor to change color from one to another. There are professional and a few gaming monitor that comes with 0.5ms of response time. The lesser the response time, the better would be the performance of the monitor.

3. Panel

Now, this is very important for a lot of people who care about the colors and performance of the monitor. There are three kinds of panel viz IPS, VA, TN. All the smartphones are equipped with IPS panels as they are the best panel for color reproduction. A gaming monitor can be equipped with IPS, TN, or VA panel, and it all depends on you which one to buy. All these three panels come with their own list of Pros and Cons.

IPS panels are good in color reproduction but not the best in performance, as they come with high response time while TN panel comes with great performance but with decent color accuracy. VA Panels are in between but not preferred by many gamers out there as they lead on backlit bleeding and ghosting.

With new technology, TN and IPS panels are getting better and better. A 1440p IPS monitor is the best kind of gaming monitor you can get. We always recommend getting an IPS or TN Panel gaming monitor.

4. Gaming Rig

This is one of the other aspects you should be looking at, especially when you are on a limited budget. You should be aware of your gaming machine. If you are using a PS4 Pro and looking for a 4K gaming monitor for PS4 Pro, you should not invest in a 144hz or 240hz gaming monitor because PS4 Pro cannot go beyond 60hz.

You can check the best 4K gaming monitor for PS4 Pro https://x2.games/best-gaming-monitor-for-ps4-pro/, where you will see great 4K gaming monitor for PS4 Pro. If you are using a PC, you can with 144hz or even 240hz gaming monitors as PC can go way beyond 60hz. If you are using Nvidia Graphic Card, you should get a gaming monitor that supports Nvidia G-Sync or simply get a gaming monitor with Adaptive sync compatible with both AMD Freesync as well as Nvidia G-Sync.

Best Gaming Monitor to Buy: Wrapping Up

These are some of the important aspects you should be taken care of before you finally buy a gaming monitor for your gaming setup. With these points, you will get the best gaming monitor and that too in your budget. Otherwise, you will end up with something that not worth the money or not compatible with your rig.

Gaming monitors are getting better, and brands like Samsung, LG, Alienware, Asus, Acer are coming up with some of the best gaming monitors of all the time. There are gaming monitors for everyone, and you can get any of them once you have a basic understanding of the technical aspects and working of gaming monitors. I hope that helped you out in finding the best gaming monitor for you. Happy gaming.

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