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Published on September 28th, 2020 | by Sunit Nandi


Everything You Need to Know About Amazon Prime and Tidal Music Promotion

Probably every artist knows the privileges of streaming platforms and how beneficial it can be for them. One of such streaming platforms is Tidal, which is especially famous for providing high-quality audio and music. Tidal may not have as many users as other platforms may have. But it is an excellent place for serious and professional artists to share their music and reach people who value quality. Usually, fans know that on Tidal, they can find exclusive and high-quality music. So we recommend you create something which will help you to stand out. And most importantly, you need to have a strong strategy for the promotion on Tidal.

How to Promote Your Music and Releases on Tidal

Tidal has created a couple of ways to promote music for artists. This is important because artists will choose the one which fits them best. There are three ways to promote music on Tidal. These are three ways, each approach has its pricing and benefits. Below we will present each in a more detailed way.


The starter campaign is the cheapest way of all. If you choose the starter package, then you will get a couple of thousands of new listeners. It will help you to share your music, and a lot of people will discover it. You will gain a new fanbase, but your music will not go viral on the platform. But for the beginning stages, this package will help you move forward in your career.


The bestseller campaign will, of course, give you more benefits than the starter. You will be able to choose whether to promote your new song or album. People will discover your songs and album and your profile. The biggest goal of bestseller packages is to gain a lot of new listeners. After some time, they may become your loyal listeners and audience.


The viral package is the most expensive. As the name of the package states, the main objective of this package is to make your music go viral. That is why artists pay a considerable amount of money in order to make their track go viral. And of course, the results are worth the money. After this, you will gain immense popularity among the users and on the platform. Viral campaigns need to be planned in advance and very carefully. That is why these campaigns give vast and very exciting results.

In conclusion, Try to Have Detailed Information About Packages

Especially if you are a beginner artist, then promotion on streaming platforms is very important for you. But before starting to promote your music, we recommend you to collect information about all the packages very carefully. This will help you to make the right decision and hence create the appropriate strategy for promotion. You will not lose money and your time. And most importantly, try to create quality music and as a result, people will love and stream it.

Record companies are 100% focused on picking up artists and putting their music on digital platforms. Most of them charge nothing for this but charge a percentage of the plays of your song after. It’s the best format for who’s getting started.

It seems as though Prime Music has limits for Amazon Music promotion, which has more in-depth features and opportunities.

Opportunities for Amazon Music Unlimited

Although Prime Music gives its users quite some space to explore music, it is created as a preview of its superior package, Amazon Prime Unlimited. Unlimited has a much larger catalog of music and playlists to explore, as well as more advanced, exclusive features. Both services offer an ad-free streaming experience that can integrate with several platforms. There are key differences, though. Prime Music is included in the price of an annual Amazon Prime subscription, while Amazon Music Unlimited is a separate service that requires a separate purchase and varied pricing. Music Unlimited seems to be suited to those who are interested in music in-depth, perhaps even professionally. With this standalone service, users get 60 million songs rather than the 2 million Prime Music offers, as well as the opportunity to upgrade to studio-quality Hi-resolution audio. When one chooses to buy Amazon Music Unlimited, the service automatically replaces the existing Prime Music scheme as an upgrade.

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