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What Are The Benefits Of Playing Online Games For Children?

The electronic gaming industry has generated more than 130 billion dollars globally and continues to do so. This was the only form of entertainment available on the computer before the IT industry revolutionized.

How many times have you told your kids to stop playing online video games? Are you afraid they might get addicted?

Believe it or not, scientific research around the world confirms that playing video games may actually prove beneficial for your children. In 2017, the research concluded that 12% of children under eight years of age play video games online.

Although online gaming is the most basic form of entertainment, the benefits of these complex and challenging video games are far-stretched and go well beyond entertainment and hand-eye coordination.

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In a nutshell, playing video games online helps children improve creativity, cultivate relationships with peers, and improve strategic thinking along with better decision-making skills in real life.

However, parents focus more on the potential dangers of playing online games than on the possible benefits. Limiting screen time is what all parents aim to achieve, but considering the modern-day dynamics and the era our kids are born into, canceling on the kid’s computer time may make their growth stagnant in this ever-changing world.

Just because playing online games has to do more with sitting in front of the computer does not necessarily mean it is packed with disadvantages.

Keep scrolling to find out the benefits of playing online video games for children and let your child indulge in the creative tool of the modern world.

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Improve Cognitive Skills

Video games have come far from the arcade age. Numerous video games actively challenge children’s minds and exercise their logical and problem-solving skills.

Games in which children need to devise strategies to win not only increase their concentration span but also improves their short and long-term memory, which aids the brain in processing information quicker.

Online video games do not have to be specifically educational to help the child learn something worthwhile. They can range from simple memory-based puzzles to complex strategy games. Unlimited Gamez mo offers a lot of strategy-oriented games that children can play and improve their decision-making skills and predict consequences.

Primarily, every video game is a challenge. The Tower of Babel on unlimited Gamez mo challenges the player to build the highest tower they possibly can using their skills and strategy.

Children who play games that challenge their minds to find a solution, get better at organizing information and problem-solving in real life. A study conducted in Berlin has confirmed that just like exercise, playing games for 30 minutes a day can increase the grey matter in your brain. These games can also significantly impact regions of the brain that deal with spatial orientation.

Social Benefits Of Gaming

The biggest difference between playing a video game 20 years ago and today is that gamers of today are not alone in their rooms but are virtually participating in a global gaming platform.

Online gaming platforms allow children to see playing games as a social activity. In addition to competing online, it also gives them a common ground to initiate conversations, make new friends and connections on the basis of similar interests.

Over 70% of gamers play their games with a friend nowadays. Young boys are more likely to play video games online or with a group of friends in the same room, and many also admit that they like to discuss these games. Children can engage in games like Scrabble, Chess, and Quiplash that helps children feel a part of a shared community.

Playing online games helps children build and nurture relationships through shared moments of excitement. If you have a child with a disability who is restricted at home, playing games online can be the most suitable way for them to make friends who share similar interests.

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Promotes Teamwork

Multiplayer video games have significantly evolved in the previous decade. Video games such as Online RPGs (Role Playing Games) enable the children to take on various roles in the game and play as a leader or a team member to help achieve the team’s mission and, in turn – win the game.

The characters in these games provide an opportunity for each player to have unique strengths and weaknesses, which help them learn how to play as a team.

With online tournaments and other competitions, the sense of team play in the game keeps increasing.

Improves Multi-Tasking Skills

Video games are becoming increasingly immersive with complicated controls and gameplay. They require constant observation, timely communication between players, fast reflexes, and timely input through the precise control combination.

This develops the multitasking ability of the children and enables them to handle multiple sensory stimuli at the same time. Moreover, playing these games also encourage the children to pay attention to detail, which will prove to be an asset in the real world.

Help Kids Stay Active

Contrary to popular belief, video games help children to stay active and fit. Children who play games involving a sport like basketball and a tennis learn new moves from the game and practice them in real life.

Many children will develop an interest in sports they have never enjoyed before. Sports games like Soccer Pro, Star Badminton, and Basketball Master are available on Unlimited Gamez mo that will help children develop an interest in the game more than ever.

Develop Hand-Eye Coordination

Modern video games on PCs and consoles require learning several control combinations to play. This improves hand-eye coordination, timing, and fine motor skills, including finger dexterity in the child.

Fast-paced video games require the repetition of a combination of controls at the slightest visual cue, which reduces reaction time and further improves hand-eye coordination.

Improves Visual Observation

Intriguing online video games improve visual observation in children. Observant kids listen with ‘more than just ears’ and are sensitive to their surroundings. Observant kids appropriately respond to people and situations, develop intuitiveness, and are more alert.

Bring Parents And Progenies Together

Most video games are user friendly and can be learned easily. Children and their parents can share the game time together. Children who are expert at a game may teach gaming skills to their parents.

Sharing an interest of your child will strengthen your bond with them, bringing you closer to them, resulting in two-way communication. The child will not only confide in the parent but will also share his fears, problems, and triumphs.

Makes Education Fun

Online games do not comprise of fun and play only. There are many interactive puzzles, mind games, and brain boosters that aids in the learning process and simplifies it for the children.

At school, kids are encouraged to engage in educational games to help them develop interest and make learning fun. Unlimited Games mo offers many such educational puzzles and mind games that call for cognitive stimulation and learning, such as Zoo Trivia.

Many such games teach kids about how to explore surroundings and help them to find their way out of a problem, developing their analytical skills. These games test, train, and challenge the brain and also prepare the kids for the future, making them smarter and brighter.

Wow! So Play As Much As Possible?

With evidence and research studies, it is concluded that video games are not bad for you and may have health benefits too.

However, that does not mean children can play video games online all day, every day. All activities in moderation will provide maximum benefits. So staying up all night to play video games might not be a good idea!

However, parents who are fear-mongers and cancel out on the screen time for their kids should certainly read up the health and cognitive benefits of playing video games and let their kids engage in the modern world tool of entertainment without any regrets.

Your child’s interest in online games may help in equipping him with the knowledge and the skills needed to create a game. And who knows, you might end up being the proud parents of the youngest game developer of the decade!

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