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Important Facts You Need To Know About Fixed Wireless Internet

The most common types of internet connections are DSL and fibre; however, we will discuss fixed wireless internet, which is a way different from these types of connections. The fibre and DSL connections use cable for internet signal; however, in fixed wireless internet, the radio waves are transmitted by the base station to bring the internet signal to your house. When you choose a fixed wireless internet, a receiver will be installed in your home by the provider. Upon communicating with the nearest base station, the user will get access to the web.

The broadband signal will be transferred to the router using a cable. This type of internet connection is popular in rural areas where investing in infrastructure for broadband services are costly. This is because buying and transporting the cables in rural areas and receiving necessary permits can be quite expensive. Hence the service providers are unlikely to go with broadband services in less populated areas. Moreover, the number of users or subscribers in rural areas is also less compared to urban areas. Therefore, setting up such a kind of infrastructure for broadband services doesn’t justify the total cost.

Advantages of Fixed Wireless Internet

Fixed wireless internet has many advantages, and here in the section, we are going to discuss it. Read the section to know about the benefits of using fixed wireless internet over DSL and fibre services.

  • Setting a fixed wireless internet is much easier than other types of services like broadband services. Fixed wireless internet doesn’t require cables, unlike broadband services
  • Fixed wireless internet has high caps, which are not like the traditional cellular services. Moreover, the user gets high download speeds and is much faster than the broadband services

Disadvantages of the Fixed Wireless Internet

As with everything in world, fixed wireless internet also has some disadvantages, which are discussed in the below section:

  • The most common problem of fixed wireless internet is that the connection is not steady. This type of connection gets affected with poor weather conditions
  • Moreover, the line of sight in between the receiver installed in your house and the wireless base station should be proper. Obstructions like trees and hills can lead to poor quality of internet service. Even if the line of sight is not proper, the provider might face difficulty setting up the fixed wireless internet services of your house
  • Talking about fixed wireless internet prices, they are way expensive than broadband services. Not many people can afford the services as the prices are quite costly when compared to broadband services

Comparing With Fixed Wireless Internet with Satellite Internet

Another popular Internet option for people living in areas where broadband services are not available is satellite internet. Even though satellite internet also requires dish and offers high-speed internet access without using cellular data, it’s a way different from fixed wireless internet.

Moreover, satellite internet is affected by weather conditions more than the fixed wireless internet. This is because the signal of satellite internet travels through the whole atmosphere, and this is why a storm in neighbouring states can cause connectivity issues. On the other hand, in fixed wireless internet, the base station is tall like a cell phone tower and is located within 15 km of your house, so there is no reason that the storm that is a miles away would interfere and cause signal issues. If improving your signal strength is something you want to invest in and you have the land to do so, you might consider renting it to a cell phone company to install cell phone towers. Before you do so, talk to expert consultants that can help you with the cell tower lease negotiations.

However, in satellite internet, as it is positioned away from the receiver compared to wireless base station satellite, users experience high latency with the internet. So if you’re playing online games or streaming an online video, satellite internet can have a huge impact by making the high-speed connection sluggish.


Now the price aspect is also the most important difference between fixed wireless internet and satellite internet. Satellite internet is far more expensive than fixed wireless internet even though this form of internet has more disadvantages. So when you considered all these factors fixed wireless internet is a far better choice than satellite internet. It is the last left option where there is no fixed wireless service or broadband services. If you want to avail the best fixed wireless internet services then you can visit NodeOne nbn Perth and choose the best plan.

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