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Top Games to Play on Self-Isolation Period

The pandemic has locked people inside their homes. With complete lockdown and limited outdoor trips, people require an escape from harsh realities more than ever. But how do you do that? This is where games come into play. The lengthy single-player games or the casino game in will let you lose yourself in the deep stories. You wager on different slots or card games and win money; you will have fun and can do something out of your daily routine.

As countries have shut down trying to combat the deadly virus and millions of people are self-isolating, games are turning out to be a haven for many. Apart from being a great time-pass, it will also let you socialise with people who are not being able to meet their friends and family members.

Whether you have an Xbox, Playstation, or a PC, there are endless options you have at hand. Let’s check them out.

1. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

This is one of the best games you can try while you are self-isolating. It has wholesome gameplay and relaxing aesthetics. The characters in the game are adorable. You can escape into the island along with Tom Nook. No doubt, this is an escape that everybody is looking forward to.

2. Overcooked 2

Do you love cooking? How about a cooking game? The cooking title by Team 17 will let you have great fun in the co-op setting. You can gather ingredients, cook dishes, prepare meals, and serve customers as a team of 4. You might feel, that’s so easy, where is the fun? Well, you will have to do it all within a specific time frame without violating the kitchen health and safety regulations. It is amazingly fun and funny.

3. Book of Dead

This is one of the most popular online casino games. The title was developed by Play’n GO based on the theme of ancient Egypt. It’s a slot that comes with five reels and ten paylines. Apart from having high-quality graphics, the game also provides you with the chance to win 250000 coins. The best part about this game is, you can also play it on your mobile phone.

4. Reactoonz

In case you don’t like the previous slot’s theme, try this out. Reactoonz is another fun slot game by Play’n GO. It comes with a 7×7 grid form. This is not a common design that you get to see in online slots. The title comes with some incredible bonus features. It has a high payout rate. On the reels, you will find fun cartoon characters. There is also alien-type machinery placed on the side of the reels. With this, you can put some money into your pocket while having fun.

5. A Way Out

Hazelight Studio has created this prison escape saga around some interesting ideas. What’s best about this game is it has a multiplayer option. It delivers the story of 2 protagonists, Vincent, and Leo. As one player controls the freed jailbird, the other is going to watch a cutscene. However, they will have to work together in order to keep the character out of prison. The title has a lot to keep you entertained.

6. Destiny

This is another multiplayer option that you can try out. The software developer Bungie now operates independently. Destiny 2 evolved interestingly. It is a sci-fi shooter, and players can get involved in the universe that the title has to offer. However, the seasonal story arcs might make it a little difficult to get involved from the beginning but don’t worry, ultimately the game offer loads of fun. You can communicate with your friend’s group to play the game. It will make you feel like you are working towards a common goal.

There are multiplayer, as well as single-player options out there. Some are based on fantasy and will take you out of the home. But you will also have realistic titles. No matter what you choose, you are going to have great fun.

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