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How Can Your Business Save Money With Solvent Recycling?

When you use solvents for cleaning, production, and other industrial processes, you’ll need to mix them with the solute to produce the product that you need. Unfortunately, once you’ve mixed the solvents and solutes together, it’s hard to separate them. Many manufacturers dispose of the product afterward, forcing them to buy fresh solvent. This strains their budget and forces them to dedicate time, money, and effort to buying new solvents and safely disposing of hazardous materials.

Fortunately, with new technological advancements, you can reduce overhead with industrial solvent distillation and source from NexGen Enviro Systems. Solvent recovery systems separate the solvent and solute so you can reuse the solvent and get back to work. When you install solvent recovery systems in your manufacturing plant, you can eliminate solvent waste by up to 90%, allowing you to save more money than you could have imagined.

What Are Your Solvent Recovery Options?

At NextGen Enviro, we sell two different solvent recovery systems. Here’s a rundown of what each machine can do for your business.

High Volume Distillation Units

High-volume distillation units are designed to maximize productivity and do as much work for your employees as possible. Our units come in four different sizes, with the largest size able to hold up to 105 gallons. The units load and unload waste automatically so you can pick up your recycled solvent as quickly as possible. If you work with solvents with a high solid percentage, you can equip your unit with an optional scraper system.

Continuous Distillation Units

Continuous distillation units streamline the entire process, making them ideal for large businesses that deal with high amounts of solvent. Each unit can recycle up to 125 gallons per hour and works continuously to maximize its output. These units integrate with your existing equipment so you don’t have to interrupt your current processes. They even feed the recycled solvent back into your equipment, so you’ll enjoy a virtually hands-free experience.

How Do Solvent Recycling Systems Save Your Business Money?

Some businesses hesitate to buy solvent distillation systems because they’ll have to pay for the equipment up-front. However, it won’t take long for you to recoup your investment and actually start saving money. Add up the amount of money that you spend every month on buying new solvent and disposing of the old solvent, then compare that to the price of industrial solvent recycling systems. You’ll find that it won’t take long for the equipment to be worth your investment.

The time it saves can be harder to measure, but think about how much time you spend getting rid of old solvents, buying new ones, waiting for them to arrive, and reloading them into the equipment. When you eliminate menial tasks, you can start focusing on the more essential parts of running your business. Your employees can also focus on more important work instead of completing tasks that you can easily automate.

As an extra bonus, solvent distillation systems are better for the environment. You’ll recycle your solvent instead of dumping it and buying new solvents on a regular basis. This reduces your manufacturing plant’s impact on the environment.

How to Order Industrial Solvent Recycling Systems

Browse the solvent recycling machines on our website, then hit the checkbox next to a system to add it to your quote. Since you’re not placing an order, you can add multiple systems to your quote to compare the prices. We’ll get back to you with a quote for your order. From there, you can evaluate your options and get in touch with us when you’re ready to start the ordering process. Give us a call if you have any questions about our products.

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