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Swyft Filings Review – Lifesaver For Small Businesses Amidst Covid

COVID-19 has affected the whole world on a scale previously unimaginable.  The worst sufferers of this pandemic are small businesses owners, that cannot really operate in full capacity, due to the extended lockdowns. As a result, most of the smaller businesses are running in loss. This followed by severe job losses only adds to the plight of daily earners, who are employed in these smaller businesses. In this period of crisis, only one organization can save the business owners, they are none other than Swyft Filings.

What are Swyft Filings?

Well, Swift filings is an incorporation service specially constructed to encourage the businesses owners to get a new organization up and running efficiently and with lower costs. Swyft filings are relatively new, but they have industry leading professionals that will help you and your business.

What kind of services are offered Swyft Filings?

Swyft Filings registered agent comprises of.

  • Foreign Qualifications
  • Annual Report
  • Initial Report
  • Withdrawal
  • Apostille
  • Digital Corporate Kit
  • LLC Operating Agreement
  • Seller’s permit

With the coming of Swyft Filings, it had helped the customers in many steps of their incorporation process. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about where the location of your business is, or what industry you are working in.

The Price Plan of Swyft Filings

Swyft Filings possesses 3 plans. It is up to you which you will need.

  • Basic Plan

This plan lacks many features and it costs $49. It forms the company with the help of Alert Company System. The features are stated below.

  1. Availability Search of Business name.
  2. Formation documents can be accessed online.
  3. Articles of organisation are filed and prepared.
  4. Statement of the incorporation is there, where the bank account can be opened.
  • Standard Package

The cost of this plan is $149, state filing fees are an additional charge. However, the state filing charge depends on places. The features include all the features of the basic plan and other than that, it also has some other features.

  1. Custom meeting minutes.
  2. Operational Agreement
  3. Custom bylaws.
  4. Tax ID Federal number
  • Deluxe Package

The Deluxe Package is the premium version and costs $299 and state filing fees are additional. It also charges additionally extra $149 for the services of Agent registration.

The Deluxe Package comprises of,

  • Shipping of FedEx
  • Kit and seal of Digital Business.
  • Electronic documents.

All the plans along with their features are discussed precisely. Now, you have to decide which one is best for and suitable for you.

What are the Swyft Filings reviews?

Swyft Filings reviews state that it is going on well. Though it needs some improvements. Swyft Filings review is not good according to BBB. But Swyft Filings is doing well in spite of all the negative comments by the customers.

They offered Non-Profit organizations, DBA, S-Corporation to thousands of small businesses.

On Trustpilot, it is found that Swift filings have somewhat good reviews. They are new but are trying their best in order to help others especially during the crisis period of COVID-19 when nature makes everything paralysis.

Why is it best to use Swyft Filing?

  • Fast Service: Whenever you are placing your order through Swyft Filing, the formation of your business starts instantly by them. The processing time of Swyft Filings is much sooner as compared to other industries.
  • Outstanding Customer Care Service: The customer care service holders are very professionals, each of them is assigned to different jobs so that every customer can take service. If you have any query, you can directly ask them for their number, emails etc.
  • Refund Policy: In case a customer is not at all convinced with the experience that they received, Swyft filings are eager to refund although it is very rare that a customer opts for a refund.


In this pandemic situation, when many entrepreneurs are losing their jobs or are not getting proper wages, Swyft Filings is there for you where you can see your dream to come true. Their services are much appreciated by customers across the globe. So, if you are also facing a dilemma in your life, then contact Swyft Filings immediately.

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