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How to use social media polls to increase your engagement rates

Wanna increase your engagement rates on social networks?

Keep reading this post to know how to leverage the power of poll features on different social media platforms to increase your engagement rates.

What is the engagement rate on social media?

The engagement rate on social media is a key metric for measuring the performance of marketing campaigns. Both individuals and brands track their engagement rates to know how well they’re interacting with their followers.

Business owners want to increase their engagement rates to show that people are interested in their products/services.

On the other hand, many influencers try to increase their engagement rates on social media. In fact, higher engagement rates help them to flip their social media accounts at higher prices.

Often, the ER is formulated differently by different networks. On Twitter, for example, it’s proportional to the number of reactions (likes, comments, etc.) divided by the overall views (people who read the post).

But Instagram describes the engagement rate as the post’s interactions divided by the accounts’ followers. If you want to achieve a percentile score, you can multiply the outcome to 100.

The average ER on Instagram is usually greater than 1% and less than 3% and ERs greater than 6% are high. It’s good to know that the engagement rates on Instagram are way higher than other platforms.

This shows that Instagramers usually interact more compared to users on other platforms. You should know that there are numerous social accounts with a massive following but their engagement rates are really low.

This might indicate that their followers are not niche-related or at least are not really interested in the accounts’ content.


Social media polls and engagement rates

Different social media accounts try hard to increase their engagement rates by generating high-quality images and videos, viral hashtags, creative captions, etc. There are many tools in this regard such as Magento 2 Instagram that help users handle their images on Instagram better.

But remember that words and visual items aren’t the only means of getting social users to engage. Poll features on different social platforms have proved to be efficient tools for improving engagement rates.

Advantages of social media polls

Here are the benefits of polls and the reason they’re successful in increasing engagement rates:

  • Polls are unique tools to learn about your audience.
  • Polls are simple and don’t need any skills and tools.
  • Polls don’t take much of the audience’s time.
  • Polls make audiences feel they’re important to you.
  • Polls make a sense of urgent to know the result so visitors usually participate.

Poll features on various social networks

It’s now useful to become familiar with the differences of various poll features. Here are top social media polls:


On Twitter, you can create one poll per each tweet and include 4 choices in each poll. As you know, Twitter now lets you type up to 280 characters in each tweet. In polls, you can only type 25 characters for each choice.

Another aspect of poll feature on Twitter is that voters remain anonymous and they also cannot change their response after voting.

An advantage of the poll feature on Twitter is its duration which is up to 7 days.‎


LinkedIn has also provided its users with a useful poll feature. The thing is that voters are not anonymous in this feature and also they can undo their response after voting.

You can create one poll in a single post on LinkedIn and use ‎140 characters for your question. Just like Twitter, you can put ‎4 choices into your poll ‎but each one can be up to 30 characters long.

Its duration is up to 2 weeks which is longer than Twitter’s poll feature. An important matter is that political, medical, or other sensitive data are not allowed in the poll feature on LinkedIn.‎


Instagram lets you insert one 2-choice poll in your stories. Voters on Instagram aren’t anonymous and they can’t change their response after voting.

Each choice in your poll can have 25 characters and the duration of a poll is just like the duration of a story: 24 hours.

How to increase engagement rates using poll features

We know that polls are helpful for encouraging users to interact with your content. The question is how to implement them to get maximum results.

Here are a few tips to help you improve engagement rates of your social poll:

Use relevant subjects

Remember that you don’t have to get the attention of all social users. You need to encourage your community to interact with your social content.

So try to use relevant subjects in your polls and make your niche followers mention their thoughts.

Include fun and entertainment in you polls

People of all backgrounds, especially on social media, are interested in fun. So you need to leverage the power of funny topics and entertaining matters to entice users to engage with you.

Use trendy topics in your polls

One of the most important factors in improving your social media performance is that you have to be up to date. Try to include the most recent events in your niche into your polls. For example, the influence of COVID-19 on your niche can be a very good question these days.

Schedule your polls

If you want your polls to get maximum exposure, you need to post them at peak times that your audiences are highly likely online.


A poll is a chance to engage with your niche followers so don’t lose this opportunity. You have to take the ‎time to interact with them and reply to their comments.

Remember that you have to engage with them at a personal level to gain the trust of them.

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