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Tricks of Instagram Stories 2019 to get followers

Instagram Stories came to our apps a few months ago to show who is behind each profile. Although there has been much rumor about Snapchat and Instagram, the real goal that Instagram Stories pursues is to show the person behind each account.

At first glance it seems silly, but it is not.

Instagram has a weak point and is that anyone can copy a photo and publish it in their name, so the real authors lose fame and authority. How many times have you encountered a photo and seen that you can not find the author or the actress?

With Instagram Stories this does not happen.

What is Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories, also known as Instagram Stories, are ephemeral videos that last 24 hours.

Although, the Instgram stories are not only the videos but they are more than that. In them, you can add emojis, drawings, faces, stickers, paint on them … and recently you can add hashtags, tags to other people and add surveys on Instagram stories.


But not only that, now you can also add animation to your video:

  • Live
  • Normal
  • Boomerang
  • SuperZoom (it’s really fun)
  • Stop motion animation
  • Rewind (inverted videos)
  • Free hands

According to its creators, this new functionality that is sweeping serves to share all the moments of the day . The gossips say that Instagram was copied from Snapchat.

I use it I find it very useful and fun. It generates a lot of interaction with the rest of users.

Objectives of Instagram Stories

Enrich the publications.

Show the people behind the accounts.

How to record the first Instagram Story

The first time is always more complicated than it is.

How to know who has seen my story

To do this you simply have to scroll up the video of your story and you will see a list of users. The app also lets you know how many times you see my story on Instagram.

Next to each user you will see a cross. If you click on it you will be blocking your future Instagram stories from this user, so you will not be able to see any more videos that you post as Instagram history.

Above this list you will see 3 buttons:

  • The first one is to download Instagram Story.
  • The second is to publish the video in your publications.
  • The last one is to erase it – if you do not want to wait until after 24 hours -.
  • Think of the profile picture
  • Your profile photo will be the button through which other users will access your Instagram Stories. Use an attractive profile photo that catches the attention of other users.

Users see 5 profile images to access the stories of other users. If your photo stands out more than the other 4 you will achieve more visualizations and, therefore, you will have more opportunities to get or buy real Instagram followers. However, you will also gain positions and you will have more possibilities to come out first.

Do not forget to relate the profile picture with the content that you will find when you open the publication. If you do not, they will quickly close the video.

Who has seen your story?

When you have posted your video, at the bottom you will find an icon that indicates who has seen your profile. Slide it up to see which IG followers have seen your post.

Instagram uses the number of views to order the ranking of users.

Publish gallery content

Post content you’ve done in the last 24 hours through Instagram Stories. Simply slide the content down to access your gallery.

Apply filters to the content

Once you have added a photo or a video of the last 24h, swipe the screen to the right or left to apply filters.

Use the stickers!

Add stickers to your Instagram Stories to enrich the publication. Use emojis to express yourself. Instagram users love it.

Add temperature, time and place

You can automatically add the temperature of the moment, the place and the time you are recording the video. From the same window that you add the emojis, you can also add these three data.

Write texts on Instagram Stories

You can write text, change its color and the size of the letter. At the moment the social network of the photographs has not explained how to change the lyrics on Instagram Stories.

Label to other accounts through the text

Simply type an @ followed by the account you want to tag.

Use and add the stickers of Instagram Stories

Instagram constantly updates the stickers (stickers) that we can use in our Instagram stories.

A sticker that was used a lot last summer was the temperature on Instagram Stories. Basically what it does is show an icon with the temperature that it makes at the moment of recording the video of your story.

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