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How to Find the Best iPhone Deal

There are a lot of elements that one has to consider when finding the best iPhone deal. Most cell phone companies have designed product use contracts that users must sign. Most contracts run up to two years, meaning that the companies must be competitive to ensure that users always renew their contract. Some of the arrangements can be a disadvantage to users, but there are ways you can turn these contracts to your advantage. These are several tactics that you can use to ensure that you get the best deal out of these contracts. Below are some of the methods you can apply to make sure that every phone deal you sign will be of benefit.

1. Use Multiple Shopping Methods

The best time to start your iPhone contract deal is at the end of the phone contract. It is easier to choose better terms and specifics in a new contract or move to a new carrier. You will mostly find mobile providers offering a variety of contracts in retail outlets and their online portals. It is easier to compare the contracts using websites such as compare my mobile, but it would be better to choose a cellular provider with shops in your area. Take the provider’s coverage as the primary determinant when comparing carriers. You should use a carrier who has the best coverage in the areas where you will commonly use your phone.

2. Negotiate for Better Terms

It is easier to negotiate for a better deal when you have settled for a particular contract. The provider will be ready to offer some perks if you let them know that you are switching from another provider to them. You can present the deals that other providers are offering and ask for a counter offer. Sometimes it is not advisable to choose a deal by just considering the price to save your money as it can later become expensive. Some contracts might be cheap to purchase but have hidden charges. Some providers will have steep charges if you use more than the data amount they set in the contract agreement. Cheap providers are aware that you will exceed their limits meaning they will always earn a lot from the penalty charges. You can best avoid these additional charges by working out on what you need in terms of data, texts, and call minutes and choose a provider who provides that much.

3. Compare Contract and Non-contract Versions

Most people will get a contract to get a cheap phone, but the cost of a non-contract version may be less expensive. You will pay more for a contract phone, but you will have to pay monthly charges for the contract. You can save some money by finding an unlocked phone and use your provider services if they are compatible. By avoiding contracts, you will reduce your monthly cost by spending more at the initial purchase and cut down your monthly expenses. In comparison, the price of the phone plus a sim card only contract is lower than the total cost of a contract bundle.

4. Consider the Length of Your Contract

No one enjoys a single contract for an extended period, especially if the provider is not at par with the competition. A contract should have a short time to enable users to choose a better deal at the end of a contract. Most network providers will offer a contract duration of 12, 18, 24, and 36-months contracts. The monthly costs are higher in the first months of the deal, but they decrease as you move towards the end of a contract. Cheaper contracts are attractive, but no one wants to remain in the same agreement due to changes in user preferences over time. A new system upgrade can lender your phone useless, and no one will be willing to stay for another two years to get another phone.

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