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Netflix Cost List In Different Countries

Founded by Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings, Netflix is an American company established in Scotts Valley and now located in Los Gatos, California. The entertainment company provides rental DVD’s by mail and video on demand to its customers along with its prime service of online video streaming.

Netflix owners expanded its online streaming service to estimated 190 countries by the start of year 2016. With a global market reach, they started producing their own content, debuting with the series ‘House of Cards’ in the year 2013.

Over the years Netflix has grown enormously with more than 103.98 million users from around the world including 51 million alone from US.

Although Netflix is widely known globally, there are many who still don’t know how much Netflix cost in their country. Here we have listed Netflix prices in 4 different major nations of the world to help you out choose the best plans for yourself.

What Is Monthly Cost of Netflix?

Although Netflix has pricing structure for every nation, the monthly cost varies for different countries. According to the plan you are signing up for the cost would vary between USD $7 – $12 on average. The company also keeps on changing the prices on a regular basis in international countries like Canada and Australia, even though the difference from the US prices is almost negligible.

Below are the Netflix prices in 4 different countries – US, UK, Australia & India.

1. Netflix Prices in United States

Netflix has been providing its services in US since 1998 and the prices since then has gone high. After the introduction of the online streaming and video on demand service the price structure was revised and now can be based on the type of video quality you want along with the service you require. US have the highest price rate for accessing Netflix. Below the structure is formatted out.

  • Basic – Under this plan viewers are allowed to watch unlimited content for a month in SD Quality or 480p. They can watch it on single screen at one time.
  • Standard – Under this plan viewers are provided with High Definition quality (780p) when available. They can watch unlimited videos on two devices simultaneously.
  • Premium – Ultra High definition (1080p) and High Definition (780p) quality unlimited videos can be watched under this plan for a month. Total 4 screens can be used at a particular time.

2. Netflix Cost In United Kingdom

In 2010 Netflix has reached to United Kingdom and since then have continuously grown in business. The prices for a few plans although have remained constant, Some HD plans charge higher then they initially did. But these revised and raised rates are applied only to new users. Below is the price format doe UK.

  • Basic – The basic £6.99  plan is similar to that of US users and the compared rates come down to USD $9.
  • Standard – Again the benefits are same as the one for US with only the price difference. £7.49 is equal to $9.35.
  • Premium – Same quality content as that of US can be watched on 4 screens with almost same prices.

3. Netflix Prices In Australia

Netflix has arrived in Australia two years back in 2015 with quite a high user rate in just a few months. Many Australians have already has accessed the US Netflix before it even arrived in Australia. Below is the price structure.

  • Basic – The AUD 8.99 plan lets you access unlimited videos in SD quality in approximately USD $6.75.
  • Standard – The same benefits as that of US comes at a lower price. When compared AUD 11.99 are valued at USD $9
  • Premium – one month cost comes across approx USD $11.25 with the same benefits as were provided in the US plan.

4. Netflix Cost In India

Only a few years back Netflix has reached to India and it is still trying to make a strong hold in the market. With the country being a potential marketplace for entertainment, Netflix has been trying to reach to as many people as possible. The plans are similar to that of other countries with somehow cheaper rates. Below is the format for different plans.

  • Basic – The basic Rs 500plan comes with similar features to other countries. When converted to dollars the rate comes approx $7.25.
  • Standard – The standard Rs 650 plan has also same benefits with an approx dollar rate of $9.42.
  • Premium – Again the Rs 800 plan has the same features for USD $11.59.


A lot of confusion was surrounding the Netflix prices which we hope this article has cleared for you. Netflix keep on increasing the prices on a regular basis but most of the times only new users were affected by it. Now you can choose the plan you want and could enjoy the services this entertainment company provides with three quick registration steps.

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