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Published on July 21st, 2020 | by Bibhuranjan


Top websites to stream music for free

It is often said that ‘music is the best therapy for the relaxation of mind. Yes, it is a fact that is accepted by almost all people. Music can make one’s mind free from all the tensions and tends a soothing calmness of mind. Nearly all human beings are attracted to music. Every person has their own choices and tastes in the selection of different types of music, which are termed as genres.

In the present situation, during this pandemic, the whole world is facing a massive shutdown in movement. All are staying at their respective homes and passing their time. Everyone is trying their best to give time in a useful manner. Some people binge TV shows, movies, some other study, carry on their academic activities and Betting sites not on gamstop. However, music lovers pass their time listening to music.

So, if you are a music lover, you have come to the right article to take a look where I will be listing out some fantastic websites which will allow you to listen to music for free. This article is not targeted to a specific audience; whoever is interested in quality music streaming; you can use my material as a reference.

Let’s get started!!!!!!!


It is considered as one of the best music streaming sites to date. This particular website has a massive collection of songs, podcasts and radio. The best feature of this website is its music recommendations. Every Monday, the site creates a weekly discover playlist which includes the songs which are selected and added based on your previous streaming. You can access most of the features by creating an account on this website. But, for the free version, you will be interrupted by advertisements. However, if you choose to take a premium version, there will be no interruption in streaming by any ads. And also, you will have a chance to enjoy all the benefits of the website. For the premium user, you will also have an opportunity to download the songs for offline purposes.

This can also be downloaded in mobile phones from Google play store or App store.


For people who are interested in listening to Indian regional music, this website is the best suggestion. This is also one of the best sites that provide free and licensed music. It has music from all regional languages like Hindi, Punjabi, Telugu and even English. This site can also be downloaded in smartphones from Google play store and App store. In this application, you can also listen to the internal music content, present in the device.

Here too, you will be interrupted by ads. But premium subscribers can have benefits of ad-free music and option for downloading songs offline.


It is also one of the most used websites for streaming music. Unlike Gaana, this site is also best known for Indian regional music. But, it is not only restricted to these songs. It also includes a fantastic content of Hollywood songs and albums, various podcasts and many more. This also provides you with ad interrupted music, except for premium users. Compared to the above-listed sites, the premium version of this site is considered to be cheaper.

Many websites provide you with fantastic music content like Pandora, Deezer, Soundcloud etc.

All these sites have one thing in common, that is they give access to almost all of the songs present in their database, but that also includes advertisements. But if you are a regular listener of music, then you can opt to subscribe to one of the premium plans provided by the sites. This will enable ad-free music and total access to all songs.

For further information about the premium plans, you can visit a particular music website and can know more about their benefits.

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