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5 Outstanding Home Decor Trends That Made a Statement In 2016

Whether you are looking to renovate your home completely or just want to make few modifications; chances are that you might end up spending more than you can actually afford by not planning it properly or not considering house siding ideas by following the latest trends that became popular in 2016.

Not only that; if you don’t follow the trends; you might as well remain stuck with the same conventional home décor techniques and not knowing where to buy houseware and ultimately; your home will never reflect that stylish image that it deserves. So, here are 5 latest home décor trends that became popular in 2016.

  • Texture:

One of the most happening home décor trends that we have seen this year is to add and mix layers of textures and drawing out different beautiful patterns out of them. Blending in of different textures and materials cohesively and assortment of furnishing items with luxurious rugs, fluffy cushions, patterned bed sheets and comforters is what we have observed this year in home décor trends.

This gives your home a more welcoming and comfy ambiance rather than giving a cold, deserted look so go ahead and try it out today!

  • Kitchen Cabinets:

A modern home is always developing and latest trends have been experimented on it. It’s a good thing! In 2016; we have observed the evolution of kitchen interiors especially the two-toned colors of kitchen cabinets.

Home décor experts have appreciated the idea of keeping the upper side of the cabinets white or any neutral color so it gives a neat and tidy appearance and either wooden or colorful tones at the lower side so it gives an overall funky look.

  • Mirrors:

In the past; putting mirrors in homes were not that much appreciated even though they looked classier and a very beautiful home décor item. But this year; the trend has been more inclined towards putting up abstract mirrors in kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms.

Not only are they are great tools for reflecting sunlight; they also make your home look more spacious. So, if you are dubious about displaying a giant multi-dimensional mirror at the entrance of your living room; go ahead and try this today! It’s the trend of this year for sure!

  • Graphics:

That’s right! Graphical images and abstract arts are the next big things in home décor industry and this trend has gained immense popularity in 2016 as well. Graphical images have been painted on walls even in bathrooms and this idea has been widely endorsed by home décor lovers across the world.

Bold bathroom tiles and abstract graphics behind the mirror wall have become most popular trends to follow in 2016. You can experiment with blending in of different colors to add more grace to your space.

  • Mixing of Metals:

Although this trend was roving around for years but 2016 has seen a major progress in this field covering almost the entire households in some cases. In the past; matching tables, chairs and sofas were considered to be mandatory but now the trends have changed.

If no table or chair in your home resembles the other one; it is considered to be a fashion statement now rather being labeled as odd. So, now you can mix your metals well without thinking about the oddness of how they will appear as this is the most happening trend of 2016.


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