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Cyber Security: Threats, Elements, and How to Ensure Your Business is Safe? 

Since the past few years, there is a massive increase in the number of cyber-attacks. Before that, many top companies were not paying the required attention to cybersecurity. Recently a prevalent incident happened where many of the twitter accounts of high profile personalities like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Kanye West, and Barak Obama were hacked, and the hacker tweeted about a Bitcoin scam to the massive following of these people.  

This can give you the idea that to what extent your business is at the risk of cyber-attacks. That’s why it’s the right time to take cybersecurity seriously and prepare your business to protect from these attacks. But before we get into the main topic, let us give you the idea of cybersecurity.

What is Cyber Security? 

Cyber Security covers all the practices, technologies like Ai cybersecurity designed to protect the systems, networks, mobile apps, and the company’s data from all types of cyber-attacks. It won’t be wrong to say that it is the field of information technology. It protects the business from all kinds of unauthorized access or modifications of your essential information. There are multiple types of cyber.

Types of Cyber Attack:

With technological advancements, the hackers are continuously working to find new ways of attacking the companies. That’s why it is crucial to understand the framework of cyber threats. MITRE ATT&CK Framework is providing all the functions to understand all types of cyber-attacks. With a good understanding of cyber threats history, companies can understand hackers’ behaviors and calculate the risk with the help of these frameworks. The most common types of cyber-attacks are.

Malware: This is an intentionally designed software from hackers to damage all the important files or programs and servers in the systems. The malware viruses include Trojan horse, spyware, worms, and other computer viruses. These viruses infiltrate the systems of the companies hackers are trying to attack. 

Ransomware: This is malicious software designed to block the access of the owner to computer systems, which is done through encryption. In this cyber-attack, the attacker demands the money as ransom to return the access to the owner. That’s why is it is vital to use Ai cybersecurity to protect your systems from these viruses. 

Phishing: It is not a software-based attack but a fraud practice in which the attacker sends the emails purporting from trustworthy sources to persuade the individual that can be your company employees, managers, to reveal sensitive data like credit card information or passwords. With Ai cybersecurity, you can enable the security teams of your company to cut the risks of these frauds and achieve inbox zero. 

Social Engineering: It is the non-technical attack based that totally relies on human interaction, which involves tricky the users into breaking the security procedures to gain access to sensitive information that companies are trying to protect.  

To aid the internet community in the fight against cyberattacks and vulnerabilities, OWASP compiled a list of the top ten assaults known as the OWASP Top 10 for a variety of technologies including Web Application, Cloud, Mobile Security, and so on. OWASP Penetration Testing is the process of testing the top 10 security threats listed in the OWASP top 10.

All in all:

In this post, we have discussed cybersecurity and types of threats that your company can be at risk of. You can use the integrated approach of using Ai cybersecurity, software, and cybersecurity framework to ensure that your business is safe.  

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