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Guide To Cyber Security Service Providers: What They Do And How To Choose The Best Ones

In modern reality, it’s foolish to hope that your IT guy will be a hero and save the day during an elaborate attack by cybercriminals. The world of cybercrime is a fast-growing billion-dollar industry with talented hackers and resources. Therefore, no business should underestimate the importance of professional cyber security service providers (CSSP). If you’re ready to straighten your cyber front, here are more tips on selecting the best one.

What the CSSP means?

Not every company can afford a professional in-house team dedicated solemnly to cybersecurity needs. Usually, business puts the responsibility on their IT department that might not be professional enough to hold the defense of big organizations. The cyber security service provider is a hired third-party guarding your system, servers, and networks remotely from intruders. The CSSP companies have various services spectrum, not only dealing with the technological part but training and educating other employees.

The list of the common services

  • Consulting and expert advising services

A professional expert can estimate your systems, compliance with governmental regulations and laws, and the state of the cyber security software, evaluate the IT department, and find flaws in the defense and weak spots letting the intruders. Hazim Gaber says consulting services help raise awareness around cyber defense methods, preventive measures, and guidelines in case of an attack.

  • MDR

A non-stop running, Managed Detection and Response (MDR) system combines the optimized process and efficiency of technology and human expertise. MDR allows to predict and detect threats, react accordingly and block them. AI and machine learning helps technology to learn from experience and build a better shield from unknown threats. Yet the expert’s opinion empowers the system with a fast response on mitigating the attacks if there are one.

  • Penetrative test

Testing your defense system from the outside on weak spots with penetrative tests gives a better perspective on how to build the cyber security strategy in the future. The penetration test reveals the flaws and allows you to see what kind of data and assets are in the risk zone and what part of the system would be affected the most during an emergency.

  • Technology development

Some CSSP companies focus on developing new tools and instruments for optimizing cyber security systems and software. Businesses should use top-notch technology to stay on top of the game because the hackers don’t waste their resources and invest more and more for elaborative attacks.

Tips on how to select the best-suited CSSP

The cyber security market is on the rise, offering various choices in companies that can assist you with the defense on the digital front. If you feel overwhelmed by choice and not sure what you should be looking for, here are five tips on how to succeed in your search:

  • Reviews and Credentials

As with any other service, the best way to know whether you should trust the company or not is to check the references and credentials. If you’re in doubt, don’t hesitate to contact their previous partners with the same organizational structure or field of work to learn more about workflow planning, nuances in communication, etc.

  • Custom Approach

The first sign the CSSP company is not worth your money and time is when they only offer one scenario and operate one technology. The professional agency has various technologies and contrasting solutions and works on a full custom approach. There is no universal solution that will accommodate the needs of enterprises and small and medium businesses. Look for a company with experience working cross-industry. That way, you know they are committed to providing you with a unique strategy.

  • 24/7 technical support

Some widely used technology and software require human expertise. As most cyber attacks are automated, your defense system and firewalls can’t take days off or check out after office hours. Therefore, the only way your cyber security strategy and policy can be effective and efficient is a non-stop monitoring and support. As soon as radar detects the threat, it can be blocked immediately. In case of a penetrative attack, the team can mitigate and diminish the damage without letting the malware destroy your networks and systems and steal the data.

  • Budget-friendly solution

Outsourcing the cyber security company is a cost-effective solution, as there is no need to organize the office, buy needed technology, and recruit the top specialists. However, the CSSP firms have different budgets and prices. If you’re on a limited budget, consider outsourcing exerts outside the US. Western and Eastern European market has competitive prices and leading experts in the industry with high ratings. There is also the possibility of hiring tech support from India or East Asia. However, in that case, clarify how you would build cooperation considering the different time zones.

  • Communication

The communication with the supporting team and project manager has to be flawless and easy, not depending on what cyber security solutions you use. The time wasted waiting for a response, language barrier, or complicated instruction can cost a fortune, as most threats need minimum time to spread and infect your networks and servers.

Wrapping up

The CSSP companies cover various fields of services, from managing your security systems to educating employees on how to behave themselves on the web and what links not to click. Therefore, business owners and stakeholders should be wise while selecting who they trust with the responsibility. Using simple words, your cybersecurity team protects your data, assets, and reputation, and you don’t want to place it in the hands of amateurs.

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