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Technology is the Way to Go: Explore List of Common Technology Mistakes as Presented by Jonah Engler

While operating a small business, you must focus on establishing a competitive edge over all your existing competitors. An effective way of doing this is to leverage technology for safeguarding your business, optimizing processes, and marketing your services or products. However, several small businesses are unable to effectively leverage and implement apt technologies that could impact their overall operations.

Whether you seem to be an employee, a business owner, or a freelancer, you must realize that technology is known to have a dark side. If you commit certain technology mistakes, you are doomed. Technology mistakes could be costing you, time, money, and your business’s goodwill and reputation.

Jonah Engler Says that Not Being Serious about Security Is a Mistake

We know that businesses across the United States have experienced security breaches and their confidential consumer data have been exposed. The worst issue is that almost 74 % of all the hack victims have no clue as to how the breach took place, making it almost impossible for them to steer clear of the same mistake and misfortune down the line.

Remember hacks could be the result of weak passwords, careless employees, phishing traps, and some other vulnerability. Statistics reveal that 90% of all the hacks or security breaches could be due to human error while 63 percent of all the hacks are caused by lost or weak passwords. In case, your business’s technology is compromised, you face the risk of losing valuable clients and may have to tackle financial problems. It is a crime if businesses fail to understand Cybersecurity. As per, 43% of all cyber attacks are targeting small businesses and 60 percent of all the targeted businesses typically run out of steam and perish within six months.

Phishing emails are a common kind of cyber-attack. Fraudsters would be luring the recipients into providing financial and personal information and details. You could invite cyber attacks by using poor login credentials, leaving sensitive information or data exposed, clicking malicious links, and using obsolete operating systems. Jonah Engler comes up with a few valuable tips to boost your business’s Cybersecurity.

  • Watch out for unknown email addresses, bad grammar, suspicious links, and urgent actions while getting emails.
  • Abstain from clicking links coming from unfamiliar email IDs or addresses.
  • Always use strong and varied passwords and consider storing them in a useful password manager.
  • Do not ever reuse passwords for different accounts.
  • Safeguard your logins. Always opt for multi-factor authentication to add an additional layer of security.
  • Keep upgrading your computer software. Keep conducting frequent checks.
  • Keep your computer locked.
  • Do not respond to emails from the IRS.

Jonah Engler Points out that Delaying Software Updates Is a Mistake

You may ignore or forget to update business software. Do not keep delaying the process just because it is expensive or time-consuming. You may be taking for granted that if you ignore software updates that would not adversely impact your business. However, you are wrong on that count. Jonah Engler says that if you are not particular about keeping track of updates, you may be missing out on new features, enhanced performance, and fortified security.

Overlooking Upcoming Trends Could Be a Costly Mistake According to Jonah Engler

For making sure that you have a competitive edge over the other businesses, it is of pivotal importance to follow all the latest developments and the most recent business technology trends. For instance, are you aware that over 50 percent of the total web traffic is coming exclusively from mobile devices? This implies that your clients would most probably visit your business’s website utilizing a mobile device instead of a conventional computer. Hence, you would miss out on fruitful opportunities if you are having a desktop-only optimized and out-of-date website. You must not ignore upcoming trends if you wish to stand tall among the rest.

Not Having a Reliable Backup Strategy Could Be a Huge Mistake says Jonah Engler

Some people are under the impression that securely storing their business data renders backups unnecessary, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Your critical company data, operational data, invoices, bills, employee data, and so on must be backed up regularly. Whether you use physical backups like RAID or cloud services is up to you, but having multiple backups that are separate from the original platform on which the data is stored is absolutely vital in the event that your data is compromised, damaged, or lost in any way.

Jonah Engler Says Making Tech Purchases in a Jiffy without Deliberations Is a Mistake

Understandably, technology may not be your core competency and you would like to be done with the tech purchases quickly so you can move on to more important aspects of operations. This is a bad idea, though; even if it is urgent, your interests are better served by doing some research, comparing prices across models and vendors before deciding on what suits you best. Any piece of technology you buy will likely stay with you for a long time, so it is vital you get the features you need at a good price and with the promise of good support in the long run.

Jumping on a Bargain Might be a Mistake, suggests Jonah Engler

Saving money is something every business aims to do, but there are some corners you shouldn’t cut. One of these is the enterprise technology that lies at the core of your operations. Great deals are always tempting but you need to think about the long term and go for a deal that stays up to date for longer and will not cause issues regarding maintenance or replacement in the near future. A higher cost upfront might save you from steeper outlays later.

Jonah Engler’s Advice: Tech Support Must Be Used

Being self-dependent is great, but some things are understandably outside of your wheelhouse. If you try to deal with tech issues yourself, you might be out of your depth and end up wasting time and resources while also creating further issues. Instead, go to the professionals, be it an onsite team or a third party support partner, to help you out with these issues.

Keep an Eye Out for the Future Suggests Jonah Engler

When purchasing technology, you need to know not only that it will last you a while, but also that it will scale with your ambitions, that is, if you have an idea of what you want your company to do in 5, 10, 15 years and so on, you must ensure the tech purchases you make and the decisions regarding technological verticals you pursue are ones conducive to this vision.

Conclusion: Jonah Engler Believes Tech Poses an Opportunity for Anyone Brave Enough

There is no doubt that to the astute manager, technology will always be an asset that gets things done faster and better. That said, if used incorrectly, it might be a sinkhole for your time and money. A targeted strategy for the short and long term is absolutely critical. Your approach to technology must be proactive rather than passive, so you are always a few steps ahead of the competition.

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