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Swimming Pool Accidents – Take Legal Help

Spending a warm Los Angeles day at the pool can be a great way to relax and share some quality time with your kids, but accidents lurk around every corner if you are not vigilant. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) claims that most of the injured victims of the swimming pool accidents are teenagers, specifically aged fourteen or even younger. Every year, over 500 children drown in preventable swimming pool drownings and thousands or more go to hospital emergency rooms with brain or spinal cord injuries caused by trauma experienced in a preventable swimming pool accident.

Pools appeal to both adults and children looking for a way to relax and enjoy, but they can be dangerous and even deadly. Swimming pool accidents are often caused by improperly designed or maintained pools, lack of safety equipment or fencing, and general negligence by the owners, operators, or supervisors of the pools. If you or your loved one has suffered injuries due to any of the reasons above then swimming pool accident lawyers in Los Angeles, Green Law have obtained favorable outcomes for adults and children seriously injured or killed and can help you too.

Common Swimming Pool Injuries

While many people think of poor swimming skills as a chief cause of drowning, but injuries often result from design flaws or low-quality equipment. The most common swimming pool injuries are caused due to negligence and are

  • Slip and fall injuries such as sprains or broken bones
  • Skin irritation from pool chemicals
  • Spinal injuries from diving into unexpectedly shallow pools
  • Wounds caused by sharp edges or rough surfaces
  • Entrapment in a pool drain

What Causes These Accidents?

The swimming pool can be an attraction to all the children, who only see it as a place to have fun, without considering the possible injuries it can cause when not taking proper care. The major reasons that cause serious swimming pool injuries include:

  • Improper fencing of the swimming pool. The LA law requires the owner of a swimming pool to provide a fence around the pool, to avoid accidents and to restrict under-aged children jumping in the pool unsupervised.
  • It is required by law to treat the swimming pools, to avoid spreading diseases caused by stagnant water. However, the chemicals used to treat the water need to be the right amount and combination; failing to do so, can cause a chemical burn to the user which is a serious injury.
  • No lifeguard present or the lifeguard is inadequately trained.
  • Lack of warning signs about the wet floor and the presence of a swimming pool.
  • Improper drain system for the pool, which can accumulate hazardous materials.
  • Improper maintenance of a swimming pool, like broken ladders, diving boards, and improper night-time lights.

Why Work With A Swimming Pool Accident Lawyer?

In an environment rife with danger, it can be difficult to determine the exact origin of the accident. A skilled swimming pool accident lawyer can help you determine exactly what prompted the incident and who should be held accountable. Also, your swimming pool accident lawyer can draw on evidence or witness testimony that you might struggle to access alone.

With the attorney’s help, it may be possible to recover significant damages addressing:

  • Medical care, including hospital expenses and long-term rehabilitation
  • Loss of wages due to time taken off work for recovery
  • Pain and suffering, which could impact your quality of life both now and in the future

Swimming pools should be a source of fun and not injury for everyone in Los Angeles and all over the USA. Don’t fight alone in your quest for justice. The passionate swimming pool accident attorneys Grey Law will assist you in every step of the way so you can spend time on what matters. If you hire them, they will assign you a full legal team, ensuring you get the best service possible. Reach out today to discover how they can help you. Call them at 323 471 0568.

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