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Ways that people can help decrease drunk driving car accidents

Most fatal car accidents around the world involve drunk driving. It is an epidemic and governments have been doing everything they can to ensure that drivers on the road are safe.

That includes media campaigns, events, and even by introducing various laws that could limit people from driving while they are drunk.

Primarily, this whole situation should be a decision one should make. As in, it draws down to an individual level. Once you decide to never drive while you are impaired, then the methods we will state here will become practical. If you met with an accident and need a lawyer, you can engage a lawyer from Los Angeles Reckless Driving Attorney | Braden & Tucci. Here are some of the ways people could reduce these types of accidents.

1. Rideshare apps

Whoever came up with these apps made life simple for us. Once installed, you can contact a cab driver from anywhere. Statistics show that since the introduction of ride-sharing apps, drunk driving is decreasing.

People are now recognizing the danger of letting an impaired person drive at his or her present condition. You can decrease drunk driving car accidents by choosing not to drive and hiring through a taxi through one of these apps. The cost is considerable to the risk involved if you drive that way.

2. Host home parties

Going to the club is a good option because it is spacious and it is the best place to party. Nonetheless, you can try home parties.

As you organize, find a good host who has enough space for such an event. Additionally, let people sleepover at the venue. The host should remain sober to keep watch over the attendees. If any of the attendees wants to go home, then you could call a taxi for them instead of letting them drive.

3. Designated driver

If your only option is to go to the club, then you have to decide to carry a designated driver. The person you choose should remain sober as you party.

Therefore, instead of ordering alcohol for them, let him or her take water or soda throughout the time. When you are all impaired, he or she will act as your security and ensure that everyone gets home safely.

4. Use of smartphone apps and driver Alcohol detection system for safety (DADSS)

The DADSS system is a technology that you install in your vehicle. It detects alcohol from your breathe once you sit in front of the wheel. Additionally, it can examine the amount of alcohol in your bloodstream once you touch the ignition key.

If the DADSS system detects alcohol, then you cannot try to turn on the vehicle. Even if someone on the passenger seat tries to do it, he or she will not succeed. Smartphone apps can also turn your phone into a breathalyzer, or you can use it to detect the amount of alcohol in your blood.


Because drunk driving is a national disaster, people should do everything they can to ensure that they are safe. If you can skip the drinking, then do it. Remember, drunk driving does notaffect you alone. It can also affect other motorists and other families as well.

Additionally, understand the government does its best to ensure that you are safe. Hence, you also must decide to be safe on the road, always.

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