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3 Top Growth Hacking Tips for 2020

Growth hacking is a popular term that has become more and more popular in the last few years. It’s a movement within the marketing world that is seeking to focus on data-driven strategies to improve the marketing of a product of service and decrease impulsive decisions that aren’t backed by data.

Here are the top 3 secret growth hacking that you should use in 2020, that even a growth hacking agency in London won’t tell you about:

1. Create a free tool

A really great strategy to get more traffic and boost revenue is to create a free tool. A great example of this is Neil Patel’s Keyword tool that he has built and that has generated millions of views for him. He has made an SEO tool that is really useful and helps people do keyword research, competitor research, and much more.

When you have a free tool that can be used for people it’s a really easy way to get more leads. You need to ask for an email address when the user registers for the tool and then you could retarget them later with helpful emails full of content or instructions on how to use your free tool.

Building a free tool can create a lot of trust for you because the users not only appreciate the free tool but also see you as an expert in the space. If you don’t know what tool to create then simply look at what your competitors are doing.

2. Offer a free version of your product or service

Our second tip is taking this freemium program even further and it involves creating a free version of your product or service. A lot of companies offer a free trial which gives time for users to check out and try their offering. An even better strategy is to make a free version that users can use indefinitely.

Companies like Buffer have a free version of their product and it has helped to make the company the most popular social media scheduling tool on the web. This is something that a growth hacking agency in London can not do most likely, but this freemium model would work for lots of other businesses.

3. Gamify your onboarding

For SAAS businesses the first touchpoint with an actual customer (not just a visitor or a lead) is the onboarding sequence. If you don’t already have an onboarding sequence set up then you should definitely make one. It’s a series of emails usually ranging from 1-2 weeks long that introduce your product, include helpful instructions, and sometimes offer upgrades.

A great way to get your users to complete all the steps of your onboarding process is by making it into a game. Assign a certain number of points to each task and level up your users. This will get people excited and help you hit your goals as a business.


We’ve covered the top 3 growth hacking tips that you should utilize in 2020. Now, remember, not all of these will fit your business and your business goals so pick the ones that apply only. Also, continue A/B testing and using heat maps to track the progress of any growth hacks that you use.

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