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App Maintenance, Why You Need It

Nowadays, mobile app development can be rather costly. So, naturally many developers tend to abandon their projects when the thought of how much does it cost to maintain an app rushes through their minds.

Building an application can be no easy feat. It often proves to be a slow and sometimes frustrating process. However, you should not give up on your work once you’ve finally launched it but actually continue.

The work you put after you put your app on the market is often more important than the countless hours you’ve put into creating it in the first place.

So, with those being said, app maintenance is very important and here’s why you need to do it.

1. Better user experience

Once people start to download your creation, they will eventually share their opinion on it with you. Be it good or bad, most of the time bad, you should never let yourself down by this fact alone.

People’s thoughts are treasures to you. Take it as constructive criticism, and improve on the app based on the feedback you receive.

The happier the users are, the more traffic your app generates, and the more revenue you get.

2. Bug fixing 

Every app has its bugs. It’s a normal thing for this to happen. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t address them. You need to constantly peel an eye out for them and get rid of those pesky little things.

If bugs aren’t dealt with, it might drive the users away. Even worse, it might ruin your entire creation if it has too many of them.

Think of it as trying to sell a house. No one wants a full-fledged cockroach den, so burning those bugs away is actually very important.

3. Keep an eye out for the competition 

The app store is very vast, and it’s very common to see a ton of similar apps going head to head against each other. Therefore, taking a look at what your competitors are doing is key.

In order to beat the competition, you have to know your competition. Find ways to gain the upper hand, and implement them into your app. This will ensure that your creation will stay relevant to the market.

4. Licenses

You may have built the app using certain licenses. It’s true that some licenses are for a lifetime, but some others need to be renewed, often yearly.

So, make sure to keep track of this since this aspect is very important.

5. Security 

Security is another aspect that you should take into consideration in the long-run. When there is software, there are hackers too. Keeping track of the latest security protocols is crucial.


All in all, app maintenance is a thing you should bat an eye on. Do it right, and your efforts will be paid off in the long run. It’s basically a win-win situation.

The users are happy, thus they use your app more, generate more traffic, making you happy in return.

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