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7 Methods Of Establishing An Efficient Route Plan By Using Technology

Route optimizing is the method of finding the quickest route between two points. It involves more than merely finding the shortest route between two areas. It must include all the appropriate factors like the number and location of all necessary stops along the route. Other factors that can affect the outcome are:

  • The number of intersections or turns along the route.
  • Crossing lines of traffic (left hand turns).
  • The nearest driver to dispatch for the route.
  • Traffic congestion of the present time of day.
  • The best access to the stop on the route.

A route plan is an essential element for any field service business, since it does not only influence employees, but is also crucial for providing good customer service. It can be tricky to establish a route plan that meets of your needs, permitting you to run a profitable establishment. However, with the right processes and technology in place, it certainly can be achieved. Here are seven methods to immediately boost your delivery efficiency with self-motivated route panning tools and optimization.

Setting Priorities

A straightforward method for organizing your day is by setting order priority. Through this you can identify specific customers or stops that will be served according to order importance or a specific date. By defining order priority, you are guiding the algorithm in knowing what must be included in your route optimization.

Sticking To Your Assurances

Customers today are more focused on a company that can deliver withing specific deadlines as opposed to those that are the speediest. If you’re unable to meet your customer demands, your business is at risk of damaging your reputation. See this robust routing optimization software that can help you with assigning the right orders to the right resources and at the appropriate time. This could improve your precision, accuracy and reliability. You can leverage the program’s APIs which integrate planned routes with your own management system, or you can upload the list of orders and permit the software to create a route plan based on your time-windows.

Using Driver’s Input

It’s useful to check in with company drivers and make use of their input as well. Here are a few ways to improve your future route plans by obtaining insight from your team:

  • Pinpointing traffic bottlenecks that always poses an issue during peak times.
  • Becoming knowledgeable of customers that tend to delay delivery schedules by adding more time to their stop.
  • Inquiring about any start/end location requests to add build in locations to the route plan and provide job flexibility.
  • Assigning specific areas to certain drivers if they’re more familiar with these neighborhoods which allows them to move around quicker.

Lowering Wasted Time And Space

If it is necessary to make changes to routes, you need a solution that can offer you flexibility and control. Not only can you adjust, but you can also review the influence before you approve and dispatch the alterations to the drivers.

Minimizing The Probability For Error

Delivering the final mile can be challenging at times. To juggle warehouse issues, driver performance, solve problems with customer service calls, etc. can be a hard day’s work. With everything going on, you can depend on route optimization software to help prevent mistakes from happening and move your focus to other important priorities.

Reducing Guesswork And Paperwork

Route plan optimization software can eliminate the need for loads of paperwork and you won’t have to rely on your instincts with possible issues on the road. Such a program can offer you the ability to plan, track, route, communicate and analyse with one simple solution.

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