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Benefits Of A SEO-Friendly Website

Search Engine Optimization, better known as SEO, is the best and only way to maximize the potential of a website. This marketing discipline focuses on growing online visibility through organic or nonpaid search engine results. The first step to creating a SEO-friendly website is finding relevant keywords, which will be utilized for every step of creating the website and every time a page is launched. Utilizing these keywords effectively will determine the visibility of the website. Below, you will discover more benefits of a SEO-friendly website.

High Search Result Ranking

A SEO-friendly website will have a much higher search result ranking than websites that are not SEO-friendly. Google and Bing utilize SEO to connect its users with relevant websites. So, if your website is not SEO-friendly, it will not be visible to the Google and Bing users.

More Web Traffic

As mentioned above non-friendly SEO websites are not visible to people conducting Google and Bing searches. In fact, SEO-friendly websites are the ones that draw the most web traffic. So, you expect to have a profitable website, you will need to make sure you start taking advantage of SEO early in the development phase.

Bigger Profits

SEO-friendly ecommerce sites make anywhere from $25,000 to $100,000 per month. Take for instance Amazon, which is the top American ecommerce site. In 2017, Amazon reported revenue of $35.7 billion. While you may not reach the same potential as Amazon, if your website is SEO-friendly it will earn you a decent profit.

Growth Possibilities

When you start out with a SEO-Friendly website, you will discover early on that it has room to grow. Non-friendly-SEO websites, on the other hand, have not potential for growing, rendering them totally useless.

Reach More Mobile Users

Just about everyone is attached to some type of mobile device at least 12 hours per day. With that said, these individuals are continuously conducting Google searches, shopping and looking for entertainment sources. If your website is SEO-friendly, it will be able to reach thousands, if not millions of mobile users. And, the more users it can reach the higher your web traffic will be. There is no end to the possibilities of a SEO-friendly website, especially when it comes to mobile devices, such as iPhones.

Higher Return On Investment

The experts at Website Design Houston have the skills and knowledge to help you develop a search engine optimized website. This service is great for individuals who want to create a website and are not tech savvy. Another benefit of a SEO-friendly website it will offer a higher return on your investment. What this means is it will continue paying off time and time again. And, once you get up to the top of the Google result page, you will likely remain there for a while.

You may face some competition along the way. So, you will need to keep working hard. SEO offers better return on investment, when compared to conventional alternatives, such as television, radio and newspaper ads.


Developing a SEO-friendly website is just the beginning. And, once you achieve a high result ranking, you will need to continue pushing forward.

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