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How to Improve Business Productivity through Automation?

Automation for business has really proved itself a boon in the 21st century allowing businesses to make the best utilization of funds, allocating funds where they are needed the most.

What Was the Landscape Earlier Anyways?

Doing business earlier meant you are gonna have to make some disposable expenses purely operational expenses I would say.  This happened because technology hadn’t evolved as much, funds were disposed on things that are automated today and this really allows some more space to breathe for an entrepreneur.

He can now make funds allocation decision that is targeted towards business development and growth rather than them being towards repetitive tasks that to an extent complemented business in terms of operational efficiency.

Like a business cannot work without proper lead management or answering calls (all of them) but these activities aren’t the core of the business. The core of the business to do its work for which it gets paid i.e. providing customers with excellent products and services, generating more customers, and more.

Today in the post we will go through some business automation that has made businesses.

1. Salesforce Automation

Looking for a 360 automation solution for your business? There is a good reason why I have positioned Salesforce Automation Systems in the first place.

When it comes to overall business automation, Salesforce is a beast.

Salesforce automation helps you a great deal with customer acquisition it’s automation systems help you with Sales automation, virtual receptionists, marketing automations, reporting, chatbots, email marketing, and more. 

Salesforce provides you the proper infrastructure to streamline your business processes with their CRM (customer relationship management) software. It will help you in every way with lead management, sales performance monitoring, team management.

As a matter of fact, SFA will allow you to integrate the other CRMs that are already leaders in the industry; CRMs like HubSpot, Pareto, Marketo, Exact Target, Sales Genius.

What this proves to you is the fact that SFA is hardly a CRM tool, it is rather a proper automation tool that blankets the other CRM tools in its cluster and provides your business the growth it deserves.

2. HubSpot

Speaking of business automation it only seems unfair to not mention HubSpot.

Being in the domain of Digital Marketing in the B2B space I have observed 6/10 B2B Businesses leverage HubSpot’s suite of automation tools. I am not even quoting the numbers from some third-party site that everyone leverages for benchmarking.

This is something that I have practically witnessed.

Businesses especially the ones that are leveraging the digital or operating in the digital space just love HubSpot and it’s important to understand why.

HubSpot’s automation capabilities are awe-inspiring. The reason why I love it so much is because of the fact that HubSpot’s Automation CRM capabilities cater to both operations that businesses so heavily invest one is marketing and another is sales and there is a third customer service which I don’t need to explain why it’s so important.

HubSpot being the epitome of inbound marketing understands the need to tie automation and CRM with business goals. As you begin using their CRM you will steadily begin visualizing how it is helping you segregating leads and customers across their classic flywheel concept.

Its Automation CRM nests tools like email marketing, lead management, lead nurturing, snippets, pop-ups, chatbots that are engaging in nature. Manage your entire business from one CRM tool.

3. Zapier

Using a lot of tools for business growth is necessary but at times can become quite hectic I would say.

But does that mean that you should use fewer tools or give up using tools to reinstate your sanity? Heck no! That is not an option you have.

Each digital tool comes with its set of core competencies that cannot be found on other tools and that’s what makes it so unique and useful for your business.

Like as a B2B Marketer I derive value from both Facebook Ads and Google Ads while handling both simultaneously is a pain but I still can’t ditch one. I need both.

If you find yourself in dilemmas like these then Zapier is a tool for you.

This automation tool essentially works on the principle of triggers, you can set up two tools to work in conjunction with each other wherein the action of the other tool gets into action via a trigger of the first tool removing manual labor from your end; you just have to set his up once and for all.

Like it would be a pain to share industry news on your brand Twitter manually each and every day.

You can instead hookup Twitter with Feedly such that as the new content gets added to your Feedly it is automatically shared to your Twitter handle. This is just one example of what this automation tool is capable of.

One of my favorite Zaps of Zapier is Google Ads + Gmail, hooking these up automatically sends me an email notification of what’s going on with the Google Adwords campaign.

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