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5 Best Outsource Companies in Ukraine

The share of Ukrainian IT outsourcing companies and specialists in the world market has been growing for several years. Indeed, developers in Ukraine beat off competition in the EMEA region due to top quality, fast project execution. There are 300+ software development companies in Ukraine. So, it may not be easy for a client to choose from so many available options for outsourcing in Ukraine.

You’ll be introduced with a list of software companies in Ukraine you can rely on and cooperate with over a long period. We will present both large and middle-sized outsourcing companies. We’ve made a detailed focus on the services they offer, the main areas of expertise they serve, and the technologies they use.

List of Software Companies in Ukraine

Most Ukrainian outsourcing companies are concentrated in Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv, and Dnipro. These companies hire hundreds of IT professionals to carry out development projects. So, what are these reliable partners you could trust your own project? Here you are the list in detail.

Mangosoft – Kyiv, Ukraine

This is a fast-growing software development company in Ukraine. Along its path, the company works with medium-sized businesses and enterprises in the USA and Europe. Today, Mangosoft is a strategic and technologic partner of global brands such as Electronic Arts, EBRD, and TouchPress. Most of the services are mobile and web development, as well as consulting based on business analysis. The industry focus is on e-commerce, fintech, banking, logistics, healthcare, real estate. They specialize in JavaScript, Java, Python, PHP, Ruby and other programming languages. So, if you need a custom solution in blockchain, Big Data, AI, ML, IoT, DevOps, QA, you know where to get it.

Sirin Software – Kyiv, Ukraine

This is an IT outsourcing company in Ukraine. It offers software engineering in embedded Linux systems, server-side programming, and IoT-related services. This company works with clients from small to midmarket businesses all over the world. In its service line, IoT development is dominant. Although there are other areas of expertise – application development in Java, Python; mobile app development for iOS and Android; web development on Drupal, Magento, WordPress. Besides all available development services, they offer IT strategy consulting and staff expansion. As specified, engineers have experience in hardware and software development. You can get professional help with your projects from these guys.

IT Svit – Kharkiv, Ukraine

This is one more outsourcing company in Ukraine you can consider as an alternative. It specializes in DevOps, Big Data analytics and cloud computing services (on AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and bare-metal). The company is a managed service provider for startups to enterprises. Teams are responsible for maintaining development processes, like Agile product development. They perform functions, for example, cloud infrastructure management and optimization. They serve business projects and financial institutions providing end-to-end solutions. If you are looking for a cloud migration strategy or need a newly-built infrastructure – IT SVIT is can help you.

SoftServe – Lviv, Ukraine

This company positions itself as a team of advisors, engineers, and designers for the future. Founded in 1993, this team of specialists has gained long experience. Today, they manage to cover a wide range of services – from engineering to business consulting. At SoftServe, you can get these services in the cloud, DevOps, Big Data, IoT and other areas. Among their clients, medium-sized enterprises predominate. But they do not exclude small and large companies. They aim to reveal, transform, speed up, and optimize the way companies do business. Their industry focus is on information technology in healthcare, retail, and financial services.

Perfsys Dnipro, Ukraine

This is an outsourcing company in Ukraine. It offers a DevOps team on demand to scale engineering capacity on the cloud. So, cloud consulting figures large in the whole service line. They build, deploy, test and manage source code in the cloud (AWS, Google Cloud). BI and Big Data consulting services are also related to this company. Specialists help with proper usage of data to transform most business processes and operations. Their BI and Big Data solutions are based on Hadoop, MongoDB, and other technologies. The midmarket is the main industry focus for this team. But they can be involved in projects ordered by small and large businesses.


Hopefully, this article will help you make an informed decision about outsourcing in Ukraine. You’ll choose the best partner for your project. Here you are just final thoughts:

  • If your budget is between $10,000 and $25,000, and you have 2-3 months to bring your idea to life, it is highly recommended to stay away from major service providers and hire a small outsourcing team.
  • If your budget is more than $25,000, and the project is full of advanced functionality, you’re welcome to large outsourcing companies with a huge team of experts – business analysts, project managers, versatile developers, etc.

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