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Gain Insight into the Advantages of Salesforce and AWS Integration

Salesforce is a world leading Customer Relation Management (CRM) company which assists businesses in transforming themselves to become more competitive and dominant in their industry. It provides support to businesses through cloud technology allowing them to better serve their customers by having a clearer picture of each client across all departments.

AWS or Amazon Webservices in turn provides a wide variety of support to businesses by giving them the tools they need to grow and scale as they need. AWS offers a multitude of different products and services. It allows the user to choose which of these products or services they actual need and pay only for what they use. It ensures that the normal headache of requiring to have the proper infrastructure in place is no longer an issue.

Integrating these two businesses Salesforce and AWS together is monumental for businesses. Combining the quality of Salesforces’ customer service management and AWS’ cloud computing and APIs will allow businesses to better streamline their services, be flexible and offer better quality of care to their customers.


The integration of Salesforce and AWS is a huge step to increasing the flexibility of your business. Through the increased adaptability you will be able to innovate and adjust faster to the specific needs of your business. By integrating the two services you will be able to extend the benefits of both, the options which were already available to you can now be pushed even farther. By maximizing the benefits of both services, you will be able to increase the value of you and your employees time by reducing both redundancies as well as previously required complexities.


The integration of these two allows you to in turn integrate your information between the two systems. This integration is key to increasing efficiencies within your company, no longer will you have to work between the two platforms. The Salesforce AWS integration removes the division between customers data and other applications thus allowing the merging of customer data with operational applications. The integration will further work to reduce infrastructure by focusing your information onto online cloud-based systems, thus removing the burden of investing and maintain infrastructure. This will reduce costs and time spent monitoring and maintaining said infrastructure. It will also increase the ease with which you will be able to work remotely from wherever in the world you may need to.

Increased Access to Information

Information is an essential component in making your business as successful as it can be. The Salesforce AWS integration is another step to improving business internal access to information; and the speed and ease with which that information can be accessed. Bringing together information allows for customer interactions to be at their peak efficiency. It does this by enabling the analysis of purchases and trends to predict the customers needs, desires, and questions. This allows businesses to best serve their customers by already having access to the all available information. This results in no time being wasted when assisting a customer, which means that customer engagement is at its peak ability and customers are maintained.

That Salesforce has been brought together with AWS is an important step for businesses who want to be successful. Its design allows for maximization of resources while still maintaining the ability of the business to scale up efficiently and quickly.

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