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How POS Software Has Changed the Retail Experience

There is no denying that software and technology have helped to reshape a lot of the experiences we have today. From gaming to dining and everything in between, software has been the driving force behind great change in so many ways. Arguably none more so than the retail experience. As consumers, we yearn for the perfect experience when shop for personal goods. That perfect experience goes beyond a greeting, and into all of the small actions taken as apart of that transaction. Software has changed that experience for the better, and here are some of the ways that happened.

Clarity and speed

Depending on the type of consumer you are, you probably value different aspects of the retail experience. One key area that software has changed for the better, is the speed at which consumers can get in, grab and then purchase their chosen item. Thanks to point of sale systems consumers no longer have an experience where they wait for a retailer to find a product or the price in order to sell that item. Point of sale systems means consumers can find an item quickly, get clarity over exactly how much that item costs and then very quickly complete the purchase transaction. This change in the retail experience feeds into a change in consumer behaviour very nicely. Consumers want clarity of choice, then once that choice is made, they want their products quickly. Point of sale systems allow retailers to meet the needs of their consumers and offer an experience tailored to those needs as well.

Shopping around

Point of sale systems have changed the retail experience beyond just the transaction in-store. Through the use of point of sale software, retailers now have a much clearer picture of stock or inventory holding. This clear understanding is especially useful in a multi-store or chain environment. Retailers are now able to identify where stock is being held and in what areas particular products sell best. This benefit isn’t exclusive to retailers though, the consumer experience has shifted as well. The retail experience for a consumer used to be either phone the store and ask if they had the product, involving the clerk going to look on the shelf, or consumer would chance their arm and hope for the best by going to the store. With point of sale software, consumers can now check online before even entering a store to see how much stock there is and where that stock is being held. It gives consumers an experience they want, as well as the knowledge to make a more informed choice about where to shop or how quickly they need to act.


The introduction of point of sale systems has allowed for the introduction of even more software systems to improve the retail experience. One of those systems is the loyalty system. By understanding who the customer is, retailers can now offer loyalty deals and special offers to their customers, especially if they see a pattern of behaviour, such as purchasing the same products. This demonstration of familiarity makes the retail experience for consumers much more rewarding. Not only is the retailer offering a great deal, but they are also demonstrating that they know their customers, something that is very important to consumer loyalty. Point of sale systems have created these opportunities to reshape the loyalty of consumers.

Point of sale systems have changed the way retailers do business and the experience that goes along with that forever. From greater clarity to increased consumer loyalty, point of sale systems have reshaped the retail experience for the better.

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